Three Short Links is a daily look at interesting articles or projects that wander into my view. You’ll see a lot of code and musings on cloud and distributed architectures, cool new gadgets, and occasionally some more random topics including math, science, or, if you’re lucky, baseball.

  • DotCity and Other Statistical Games: Links to a bunch of statsy games – including a kickstarter for DotCity, a SimCity-like game planned to be written in R. I share a lot of nerdy links, but this might be one of the nerdiest.
  • Amazon Announces the Alexa Skills Kit: The voice API behind the Echo is available for extension using Lambda (a nice move to drive more compute there). I meant to play with it this weekend, but life got in the way. Still really looking forward to it. Also buried at the end of the announcement was Amazon allowing hardware manufacturers to embed the API for free in their devices. Again, driving consumption for AWS.
  • Crate: A middle ground between a relational DB and a distributed NoSQL store that supports horizontal sharding and semi-structured object definitions.
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