Three Short Links is a daily look at interesting articles or projects that wander into my view. You’ll see a lot of code and musings on cloud and distributed architectures, cool new gadgets, and occasionally some more random topics including math, science, or, if you’re lucky, baseball.

  • Java REPL: A read-evaluate-print-loop console for Java. Seems surprisingly useful for trying out things quickly, especially since you can define classes.
  • TIS-100: A new puzzle video game where you’re trying to reprogram an old computer using a language defined in the manual you found with it. It’s a little unclear what the underlying story is, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend the time finding out.
  • Philae Wakes Up: The comet lander has returned close enough to the sun for its batteries to recharge and to resume contact with Earth. This hopefully allows for the resumption of experimentation and data-transfer that was cut short on the initial landing.


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