Three Reasons I Took a Job at Apprenda

By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda Lobby

It’s been a little more than 30 days since I left one of the largest technology vendors in the world to join Apprenda as a Regional Sales Manager. Since making the change, many friends, colleagues and customers asked me what inspired me to join this hyper-growth technology company.

Here are three factors that contributed to my excitement to now be working at Apprenda.

Working for a Hyper-Growth Tech Company

Quite frankly, I always dreamed of working at a rapidly growing technology company. Pair that company dynamic with an important market space, this made Apprenda an even more exciting opportunity. I talked to many companies over the years, but none of them were a good fit; at Apprenda, I finally found where I was supposed to be. The company continues to hire many new team members, and I can’t wait to do my part to keep up our momentum.

A Killer Product

When I was first exposed to the concept of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) several years ago, I was intrigued but not completely sold on the idea. As I learned more about the Apprenda platform, I realized how much more powerful and different our solution was relative to other PaaS offerings. Apprenda’s vision of how its platform could be used by enterprises as a strategic competitive differentiator began to resonate with me as I recalled many of the challenges I saw my former customers face.

A few benefits of the Apprenda platform that stood out to me are:

  • Use what you already have – Apprenda doesn’t want you to forget about the investments in infrastructure you already have. You can leverage infrastructure within your own data center or from cloud providers.
  • Platform for old and new apps alike – The Apprenda platform is designed not only to modernize existing applications, but as a platform to design new applications. We have the ability to enable multi-tenancy for apps that were never designed to be multi-tenant.
  • Managing apps – All of your apps can be managed regardless of where they are in the lifecycle. Whether your operations team is deploying an app to production using the Apprenda portal, or a developer is utilizing our self-service portal to provision an app within development, we’re there for you.

An Unbelievable Team and Culture

Apprenda’s team impressed me from the very beginning of when I interviewed with the company. Everyone, from the executives to regular employees like myself, have a sense of ownership, excitement, and drive towards the mission of Apprenda. The leadership team keeps everyone aware and in the loop on what’s happening. An example of this is seen several times a month when the CEO and other leaders deliver straight-talk updates to the entire company. Another example is when the entire company meets in person every quarter to connect and inspire our team.

Another thing I find incredible is just how much raw talent we have at Apprenda. As I continue to meet more people here, I’m continually amazed by their ingenuity. We innovate like a Silicon Valley company, but Apprenda’s New York roots are obvious, particularly when I see the explicit focus on the enterprise world. This is the world I focused on in my prior roles, and I’m happy to continue with it. Our team and culture is why I’m confident Apprenda is going to continue to wow both our customers and competitors in the marketplace.


Atos Apprenda Support