Three Months for a PaaS PoC? You Can’t Be Serious

By Atos Apprenda Support


In the past 60 days, I have successfully completed four Apprenda PoCs at Global 2000 accounts. The PoCs were all similar in nature; multiple PaaS platforms being evaluated simultaneously or serially with the main drivers being agility, efficiency, and technological fit.

I want to use this blog as an opportunity to outline what these PoCs looked like and the impact they had within those accounts in a short period of time.

All Apprenda PoCs last five to ten business days and consist of the following:

  • Infrastructure provisioning and configuration
  • Apprenda Cloud Platform Installation
  • Application deployment
  • Success criteria definition and validation

Within these aforementioned PoCs, the process went as follows:

  1. We worked with our clients to provision the infrastructure required to run the PoC. This process usually consists of 4-6 operating system instances (VMs or physical servers), depending on the use cases that will be proved, running on their infrastructure provider of choice. In these cases we used Azure, VMware and OpenStack.
  2. Once the infrastructure was provisioned, we proceeded to install Apprenda. This task took one to two business days.
  3. After validating the Apprenda installation, we migrated one to five custom applications provided by our customer. The applications ranged from composite .NET applications to Spring Boot microservices and docker containers. I can’t stress enough the value and importance our customers derive from taking some of their existing production applications (mode 1 or 2) and deploying them using the Apprenda Platform. The actual deployment process took around half a day for each application and another half a day to validate and run through a series of use cases.

At one client site, we installed Apprenda on a Friday and when we showed up on Monday to officially kick off the PoC, the customer had already migrated a three-tier .NET application over the weekend without any interaction with our team! The value that the client saw from this PoC shouldn’t be underestimated – we empowered the development team within just a few days!

  1. After the applications were onboarded, we went through the different success criteria defined at the beginning of the PoC to ensure that all steps were met with success.

If this seems unusually simple, it’s probably because it is. From conversations I’ve had with our executive sponsors at these accounts, there appears to be a stark contrast between an Apprenda PoC and those by other PaaS providers. That contrast appears to originate from a philosophical difference as to where PaaS fits within an organization. From its beginning, Apprenda was built to be interoperable with our customer’s technologies and processes while acting as a force multiplier for the entire ecosystem. Our customers cannot derive the ROI they expect if they have to throw everything out the door and start from scratch. A PaaS needs to drive efficiencies and modernize your existing assets, empowering you as you build next generation software that will power your business for the next 10+ years.

Apprenda is neither prescriptive nor strongly opinionated on the infrastructure that it requires, nor the application patterns and technologies it supports, but still provides immense value to the organization. Our customers realize this by the mere fact that we can:

  • Install on their infrastructure of choice in just a few business days
  • Onboard THEIR applications with minimal or no code changes in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what an enterprise PaaS PoC can and should look like. The reality is that if you need 3+ months to simply prove out the concept, how long will it take to implement it in production and start providing the ROI that you so strongly desire?

Feel free to reach out to me directly (elustgarten at apprenda dot com) or on Twitter if you are interested in proving out Apprenda in your organization and start transforming it to a more modern software development shop.

Atos Apprenda Support