Three Key Takeaways from Cisco Live US 2016

By Atos Apprenda Support


Last week, 28,000 people descended on Las Vegas to attend Cisco Live US 2016. With tens of thousands of customers, thousands of Cisco partners, and hundreds of solutions on display, it was a stellar show. Not to mention that Kevin Spacey (aka President Underwood) delivering the closing keynote and Maroon 5 performing numbers for the audience was a great way to close the show.

Something that struck me the most was Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins mentioning how technology has moved from basement to boardroom in past few years. Clearly, today’s enterprises need to put technology at the center of their business strategy to succeed in the future. I believe Cisco and its partners are allowing enterprises to not only do so, but more importantly, accelerate their journey to digitization.

From Cisco Spark integration with Apple iOS 10 to Cisco Defense Orchestrator, I was amazed to see the upcoming innovations in the enterprise IT space. Overall, I observed a great deal of excitement around three technology offerings.

First, I noticed a lot of buzz around Cisco’s latest innovation, Cisco Tetration Analytics. It’s an analytics platform that gathers about one million events per second from your network to provide real-time insights on your data center and applications running on top of it. The most remarkable thing is that these insights can be further leveraged to close the loop to drive relevant policies, automate workload placement, and achieve effective micro-segmentation by using Cisco ACI capabilities.

Second, it was exhilarating to see that people couldn’t contain their enthusiasm for containers. In about 90 percent of my conversations at Cisco Live, people wanted to learn more containers and container orchestration tools, especially Kubernetes. Since Apprenda has recently become a top contributor to the Kubernetes community, I’m glad I could share my thoughts.

Last but not the least, I saw customers’ eyes light up when Cisco CTO Zorawar Biri Singh revealed how Cisco has worked with its partners to create an end-to-end next-generation data center stack. The reason their eyes lit up is that this stack is not only a reference architecture for DIY implementations, but it also offers up a fully managed offering.

With the Apprenda Cloud Platform, container orchestration tools, and ITSM sitting on top of Cisco’s infrastructure and infrastructure management tools—including Metapod, UCS-D, Cisco ACI, and more—enterprises can seamlessly run their existing and cloud-native applications. Needless to say, this stack can indeed enable enterprises to be more agile and application centric with minimal time and effort.

At Cisco Live, I feel like I’ve never seen so much happening on the enterprise front. I firmly believe this is the time when enterprise IT is evolving to be bigger, better, and more impactful than ever before. As Cisco puts it, “There’s never been a better time.”


Atos Apprenda Support