The Truth About Apprenda for Developers

By Atos Apprenda Support

Oftentimes developers come to us assuming that because we’re not your run of the mill “deploy and scale” PaaS offering, it’s going to require a huge effort to leverage the massive additional value that Apprenda provides. They think they’re going to have to write their applications with a much different approach, an imperative to “code around” specific things, or end up locked into some proprietary model for who knows what. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

That’s really the beauty of a runtime model platform like Apprenda, and a BIG difference when compared to a framework or a deploy only platform/tool. Instrumented means just that: many of the unique capabilities that your applications take advantage of require little to no effort or special consideration. Advanced architecture constructs like multi-tenancy are instrumented into your application without ANY forethought.  Granular definitions for metered application usage (think feature level within your application), events and transactions (for charge-back or show-back) can be created with ease and managed centrally by the platform.  Things that once took significant design-time consideration with massive impact on your project timelines, instead  become simple deploy-time configuration options.

Here’s another short clip from one of our customers – AmerisourceBergen, talking specifically about their developers’ take on Apprenda, and how unobtrusive the platform really is:

Atos Apprenda Support