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 PaaS Boosts Productivity & Innovation, Cuts Costs

The majority of worldwide organizations today are either deploying or plan to deploy platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technologies, according to a recent survey from Progress, an app development and data integration software company. These organizations are finding that PaaS is increasing productivity and innovation capabilities, while saving costs. In addition, integration turnover time is being greatly reduced. All of this supports the trend of departments—including those outside the IT organization—adopting what’s called a “develop your own application.Via Eileen Feretic, Baseline


The rise of PaaS in the cloud
Of the three major types of cloud computing, PaaS environments are the least often currently being used. But a new survey finds that PaaS usage will rise from 41 percent to 62.2 percent in the next two years to put PaaS on a more even footing with IaaS and SaaS. According to a recent survey of 1,358 IT and business professionals that was conducted by GigaOm Research and North Bridge Venture Partners, PaaS adoption is about to rise rapidly. None of that means there will be a corresponding drop in either SaaS or IaaS usage. The same survey finds that in two years that 76.4 percent of respondents expect to be using SaaS and 65.7 percent expect to be using IaaS. The interesting thing about these numbers from an IT service provider perspective is the 20-point jump in usage of PaaS.” Via Mike Vizard, Itronis Blog

6 Ways To Create An Agile Company Culture
When it comes to using agile methodologies to speed up the release of products and services, do you “talk the talk” or actually “walk the walk”? Anyone can claim their company is agile, but it’s entirely different to put a stake in the ground, rally your troops, and successfully execute. According to the eighth annual “State of Agile” survey conducted by Analysis.Net Research, when agile initiatives fail, it’s often because of issues related to culture and a resistance to change. Transforming your company into an agile development powerhouse takes a clear vision, and more than anything else, it takes commitment from C-level executives.” Via Alexis Monville, InformationWeek

Microsoft Turns the ‘Scope on SaaS
One of the more interesting conversations I had at the Microsoft WPC this week concerned an initiative they have launched to help IT understand – and get under control – proliferating ungoverned SaaS applications…One of my favorite scenarios Microsoft showed its Enterprise Mobility Suite detecting is “impossible logins” – an hour ago you logged in from Australia and now you’re apparently in Chicago. Software can stop that? Yes. The context here was Microsoft telling its partners about the opportunities for them to sell these capabilities to customers – and it’s hard to imagine them not wanting to, especially with the incentives, certification, training and co-marketing efforts Microsoft is launching. Expect this to be a major theme, leveraging the power of the crown jewel that Active Directory is in the portfolio in many additional ways to come.” Via Merv Adrian, Gartner

Microsoft’s latest Azure moves shows it’s all-in with the cloud
Still think this cloud thing is going away? Sorry. In fact, it keeps growing bigger and bigger. In the past week, Microsoft has made announcements regarding new versions of Azure and new ways to deliver Azure. Let’s take a look at what’s new or on the horizon.…The on-premises world we feel safe in as IT administrators is going bye-bye. But our roles are not going away; they are simply changing as the cloud becones part of our infrastructure. Microsoft clearly believes that, and its deepening of Azure’s offerings shows that belief is strong.” Via J. Peter Bruzzese, InfoWorld

How to Integrate Investment With Innovation? Try a Hybrid Cloud
“…The accumulated value of the IT infrastructure deployed in the world today is measured in many, many trillions of dollars — more than $10 trillion of operational IT. At the same time, there are well over 100 million programs running in the world today supporting the world’s businesses…With cloud as the underlying infrastructure, clients see the opportunity to quickly and iteratively take advantage of their data. They can  connect the billions they have invested in systems of record with the innovation potential of these newer systems of engagement and ultimately, transform their businesses – all thanks to the cloud. But how should they link the two?… Enter the hybrid cloud.” Via Phil Guido, WIRED

Why Implement Cloud When Cloudwashing Will Suffice?
Surveys of IT executives regarding their Cloud Computing initiatives can be strangely misleading. Take for example two studies that fellow Forbes authors reported on over the last few months…What is suspicious about these results is that the first study asked whether Cloud was a crucial technology, but not whether they were actually implementing it – while the second survey queried about actual implementations, and yet the numbers (64% to 57%) are suspiciously close together. Are we therefore to believe that about the same number of organizations believe Cloud is important as are actually implementing it? Or perhaps CIOs suddenly acted on their plans in the few weeks between reports?” Via Jason Bloomberg, Forbes

People and Software: Marriage Made in Heaven?
Every year millions of new users are experiencing the software for the first time. Thanks to expanding internet, smart mobile phones and easy to use devices like tablets millions of people are touching and using software for the first time. At the other end of the spectrum, current users of software are embracing software in ways that make them even more efficient (productivity software, home monitoring software) and raising the awareness about themselves (measured self) that is improving their quality of life. While improving people’s lives, software is also making them completely dependent on them. There may be a day soon where people cannot live without software assist…Is the marriage between people and software made in heaven or destined for rocks?” Via Raj Rao, WIRED

VMware invests in software wrangler JFrog
JFrog, a maker of tools to streamline the building and distribution of software, now has $7 million in a funding round that includes a contribution from VMware. This brings total backing to about $12 million. The company, with offices in Santa Clara, Calif. and Israel, claims big customers including Apple, Netflix and Twitter. Its main products are Artifactory, for managing software code and projects, and Bintray, for distributing the end result…” Via Barb Darrow, GigaOM

Rackspace cloud to carve a niche with hand-holding services
Rackspace made its name as a hosting company with managed support. Now it’s trying to strengthen its place in the cloud market by bringing the same “fanatical support” to its public infrastructure as a service. In the midst of speculation about its future, Rackspace Hosting, Inc., this week began selling its public cloud with new managed service models and more transparent pricing. This new level of day-to-day service provides support all the way up the stack and helps solve problems reactively and proactively, according to John Engates, Rackspace CTO. He said there will be additional moves to highlight the company’s focus on cloud management…” Via Trevor Jones, TechTarget

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