‘Pester’ Apprenda in Philadelphia on April 9th

By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda In Philadelphia

I’ve written a number of times regarding Apprenda’s support for community technology events and code camps, and we’ve recently become active supporters of the Kubernetes community. While our involvement in the certain technology communities is recent, Apprenda has spent many years supporting .NET Code Camps. It’s unlikely I would be part of the Apprenda team if not for their past support of Philly .NET community and their Code Camps (not to mention being close friends with Apprenda employee and fantastic person Jon Norton).

Once again, I’ll be speaking at my “home” Code Camp. On April 9th, I’ll be speaking at 11:30am ET at the Philly.NET Code Camp at Microsoft’s MTC. I’ll speaking on continuous integration and test driven development (TDD).

In additional to my presentation on continuous integration, I’ll be debuting a new presentation on Pester. Pester is a BDD-style testing framework for PowerShell, written in PowerShell. Like other testing frameworks, it allows developers to test their code end-to-end. Pester has a rich mocking library that allows you to create mocks not only for your own code dependencies, but it will even allow you to mock other functions that you use. You can even mock behavior for Microsoft-provided PowerShell functions and cmdlets.

Another interesting function of Pester is TestDrive. This allows you to have a temporary file system to test file system changes against, without having to affect critical files on the machine you’re testing on. You can even use Pester to track PowerShell test code coverage metrics for your PowerShell scripts.

If you’re Philadelphia on the 9th and want to say hi, or would like to find out more about Apprenda, please shoot me an email at “jvanbrackel AT Apprenda dot com” or send a note to our contact page.


Atos Apprenda Support