How PaaS Can Support Your Enterprise Today and Tomorrow

By Atos Apprenda Support


Enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a transformational technology. If implemented correctly, the ROI can be through the roof. Not only is Apprenda user friendly and non-invasive, but it is also built specifically to work with existing technologies, workflows, and processes.

PaaS can fit into your environment today and compliment your current strategies. Once Apprenda is in place, you can start to move to new and more efficient ways of doing things at a speed your organization can handle.

Sometimes an enterprise can get scared by all that is possible with enterprise PaaS. We understand Apprenda is a powerful tool, but you must master that tool to unleash the full potential. When evaluating enterprise PaaS, you should ensure two simple principles are top of mind:

1. PaaS Must Support Your Organization Today

For any project to be worth it, there must be immediate return on investment. Enterprise PaaS is not inexpensive, but can provide great ROI if the platform is engineered correctly.

Apprenda not only supports all the great future-state applications utilizing microservices and 12-factor app principles, but it also supports existing applications. By taking an organization’s existing Java and .NET applications and deploying them on Apprenda, you gain immediate value and create a dynamic, elastic, and cloud-enabled portfolio of existing assets. The return is immediate.

While reaping the financial benefits of PaaS today, the team can also focus on building out the next generation of custom applications that will not see a true ROI for a few years.

2. PaaS Must Support Your Organization Tomorrow

Obviously, next generation apps are one area where you want future support, but that should not be the only area. Your PaaS of choice should be completely extensible and infrastructure agnostic. Apprenda does not prescribe the technology you must run atop.

The infrastructure that may be the best today will definitely not be the best in three to five years. Apprenda, as a company, is dedicated to always supporting best-of-breed runtimes, container technologies (such as Kubernetes and Docker), infrastructure design choices (such as OpenStack), and more.

Make sure your PaaS allows your company to choose how you evolve and does not prescribe ways based on their stack lock-in. A vendor choice today could neuter your organization’s inclusion of top technologies in the future.

Wrap Up

Apprenda is committed to aligning with our customers to provide the most adaptive and non-prescriptive enterprise PaaS experience today, as well as tomorrow. While choosing to buy and implement an enterprise PaaS is a huge decision, don’t be scared of all that is possible today. Choose a PaaS that can add value on day one, allowing you to continually add more value and improve processes utilizing the power of our technology as a base.

Atos Apprenda Support