What PaaS Really Means

By Atos Apprenda Support

David Linthicum recently wrote in InfoWorld an article that reminds us why we’re the only game in town in the PaaS market with features like SaaS enablement, ensuring developers can build traditional composite apps that run as shared tenancy SaaS apps. Regarding the momentum of the PaaS market, Linthicum wrote:

“Companies that sell PaaS should be focused on its true value: enabling enterprises to easily and quickly build business-critical applications that solve real business problems.”

princess bride do not know what it meansAt Apprenda, we’ve been extremely passionate about our enterprise focus. PaaS isn’t all about deploy and scale. That’s IT value, not business value. It helps solve one technical problem of current data centers but doesn’t solve any of the larger business problems that organizations are attempting to solve with software.

At a technical level it’s true that PaaS should abstract away the infrastructure and provide a clean runtime model for developing, deploying, and running apps. However, the business problems that organizations are trying to solve with application development are more fundamental:

  1. All applications built by most enterprises must be SaaS offerings
  2. Mobile first must be the new engagement model for many enterprises
  3. Data must be extremely important in future business strategy

Apprenda has worked backwards from these business problems to create our PaaS.

We wanted the Apprenda platform to drive value in the above buckets, so we focused on architecting a PaaS that not only performs the technical basics, but also goes above and beyond them to commoditize these patterns for SaaS, mobile, and data. The result? Enterprises get value out to their customers quickly and with little risk.


Atos Apprenda Support