Microlessons by the Container Brothers Episode 1: Containerizing An Existing Application

Michael Michael

By Michael Michael

Apprenda Open Container Initiative

Today we are releasing a new series called “Microlessons by the Container Brothers,” with Apprenda and Kubernetes experts Michael Michael (Senior Director of Product Management) and Erik Lustgarten (Senior Solutions Engineer).

In the first episode, we dive into containerizing new and existing applications with Apprenda. Any application that is being deployed, whether cloud native, microservices-oriented, or an existing application will inherit a whole set of functionality such as authN/authZ, scaling, and load balancing when hosted on the platform.

As we demonstrate in the video, operations also receives many benefits from an operational standpoint; this includes security and policy controls to reduced CapEx because of better infrastructure utilization and reduced licensing cost. Additionally, the hosted apps are easier to move to and take advantage of the near infinite scalability of public cloud vendors such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Watch the video to learn how to containerize .NET, Java and other applications:


Michael Michael
Michael Michael

Michael Michael (or M2 as he's known) is Apprenda's Senior Director of Product Management. Michael also leads the Kubernetes Windows SIG which is tasked to bring Windows Server support natively to Kubernetes. He is an experienced, detail-oriented software engineer with problem-solving and program-management skills. Prior to Apprenda, Michael spent 12 years at Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager working on Virtualization, Azure, and Windows Server technologies. Michael holds a Master in Computer Science from Stanford University, a Technology M.B.A., and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Many Apprenda employees believe he could one day play ping-pong professionally. Follow him on Twitter at @MichMike77.

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