Meet Up with Apprenda in South Florida

By Atos Apprenda Support

Meet Apprenda in South Florida

In the past, I’ve discussed the value of speaking and supporting local user groups. Besides recruiting and networking opportunities, I enjoying finding out the kind of problems other developers are trying to solve in the wild. I also enjoy presenting practices and concepts that are reachable not just for cloud developers, but all developers so they can better themselves, their clients and the organizations they serve.

I’ll be speaking at a number of events this year. The first of these events is the South Florida Code Camp in Davie, FL at Nova Southeastern University on February 20th. Miami Dolphins fans might recognize this facility because it’s where the team conducts training camp.

At this event, I’ll speaking on continuous integration (CI) and Test-Driven Development (TDD). These practices help empower teams to create and maintain high-quality, continuously-improving deployable production code. We use these practices at Apprenda to create a high-quality product.

CI is the practice of adding new changes to existing code in an organized manner. This is accomplished by automation through a CI server. In my talk, I’ll be demoing CI with Jenkins. Jenkins is an open-source Java-based automation server that has a deep plugin library and a vibrant community for integrations. (We like Jenkins so much that Apprenda now integrates with Jenkins directly.)

TDD is a method of software development in which tests are written for a specific feature, before the code to implement that feature is written. This forces the developer to think about what they are crafting and why their crafting it. It also gives development teams a suite of automated tests to run to ensure the quality of the product (and correct functionality) is maintained as new code is written.

If you’re in South Florida this weekend or you would like to find out more about Apprenda, have me present, or discuss the problems you’re trying to solve, please shoot me an email at “jvanbrackel AT Apprenda dot com” or send a note to our contact page.

Atos Apprenda Support