Kubernetes Community Update: April 2016

By Atos Apprenda Support

K8S Update April 2016

Every CTO you meet will now tell you Kubernetes orchestration and Docker containers are the standards for cloud-native architecture. Back in early March, we made sure our customers didn’t have to choose between support for existing investments and new cloud-native projects by embracing Kubernetes in our current infrastructure.

Since that time, every measurable statistic has shown that Kubernetes is by far the largest and fastest growing cloud-native platform. It has a network effect that is clearly evident with a huge number of developers in the industry.

Recently we decided one of the best ways to show the progress of the community was to create a monthly infographic charting it. Things such as the number of meetups added globally and the top answerers on Stack Overflow are all counted in the totals.

We also want to use this update to spotlight awesome members in the community that are actively making commits. This month, for example, the users spxtr, caesarxuchao, and nikhiljindal made the most commits on Github. Cheers to them!

You can see the first installment of the Kubernetes community update below, which cover April 2016’s biggest accomplishments.

Apprenda Kubernetes Update April 2016

Atos Apprenda Support