“Other PaaS Vendors Just Don’t Get the Enterprise”

By Atos Apprenda Support


At Apprenda, we’re finding that our focus on the enterprise and its needs is becoming an obvious differentiator in the market. Apprenda’s independence allows us to integrate with the customers’ enterprise stack (not some add-on product) while our deep focus on .NET and Java give more capabilities to organizations’ frameworks.

Rene Hermes, General Manager at Apprenda, has been establishing Apprenda in Europe. One company he’s engaged with is a European enterprise with over €20 Billion (EU) in revenue. It has spent over ten years building a Java PaaS equipped with many bells and whistles born from practical need. Even though they have had an internal PaaS for a decade, it has exploded in popularity recently. Where people used to be afraid to use a shared platform, they now flock to it for the agility and cost benefits. However, it is expensive and complicated to develop and maintain. Recently Rene and Rakesh Malhotra, VP of Product at Apprenda, met with the person at the enterprise who architected and runs the custom enterprise PaaS. Here’s what he had to say:

  1. He had spoken to multiple private enterprise PaaS vendors and none were ready for the enterprise. He said that his enterprise would have had to “take a step back” in functionality to adopt a vendor PaaS to replace their current custom solution.
  2. His experiences with other private enterprise PaaS vendors led him to believe that the market was still a couple of years away from producing a viable third-party private PaaS.
  3. Going into the meeting with Apprenda, he said their enterprise “didn’t anticipate the need for a follow up with us” because of his experiences with PaaS vendors in the past. After he met with Rakesh and Rene, he said he was wrong about this and “definitely wanted a follow-up.”
  4. He said that both our feature set and our roadmap showed not only that Apprenda is more advanced than other vendors, but that Apprenda thinks about features in the correct context. He said the other enterprise PaaS vendors just “don’t get the enterprise.”

Hearing these stories is great because it shows that we truly have a great product-market fit. From SaaS enablement of apps to private enterprise PaaS, Apprenda fits exactly what our customers need to help bridge their existing approach to IT and software development to a modern view of the data center.



Atos Apprenda Support