Jobs at Apprenda: Cloud fanatics with shared values, limitless potential

By Atos Apprenda Support

Like most tech start-ups, we have a hiring challenge. Our startup is hiring in all major departments at a large scale and, therefore, I’ve been tuning into articles even more closely concerning culture and work environments to see where Apprenda stacks up.

The good news is that we meet or exceed most work places. The bad news is that people searching for jobs tend to look at these culture elements with too high of a priority.

In all fairness, culture is likely the second or third thing we consider. After all, you have to love where you work everyday.  Assuming compensation and benefits also fall into the top three things we consider, I would venture that intimately describing one company’s “culture” is tough to do in a job post.

So here is a first-hand account of how I see Apprenda as a one-of-a-kind place.

I came to Apprenda with a different perspective on work environments and career challenges.  I’ve been a VP or “manager” or “director” for roughly eight years. But I’m not an engineer or developer, nor have I been in sales or customer support in the traditional technology company way.

Being in-house, I do share one vital similarity to these critical roles. My position involves messaging, content, media, analysts and directly affects the success of our product platform.   That is a whole new level of ownership for me that I find impacts my happiness more than anything else. I did it for clients in the past, but in several important ways, this feels different.

Apprenda is uniquely designed for challenging employees and offering new career opportunities. Whatever meeting I’m in, the people to my right and to my left in the conference room are always just as invested as I am. That is something I think our leadership here does a great job of instilling as a requirement.

Apprenda runs on unique transparency. Big deals are shared before the contracts are signed; major shifts in our platform offering are discussed throughout our organization; we spend at least 1-2 days a weeks together talking as a group about our market and where we want to be; and when we execute on it, it’s done together.

That, to me, defines what culture is.

As I mentioned, I have built teams, and sometimes as a leader you succeed and sometimes you fail, but the culture and people around you are the greatest asset and benefit you’ll get in any job.

Apprenda is a place where you can fail. In fact, controlled failure is encouraged, since it is considered one of the primary tools for discovery. Apprenda is also a place where the energy will motivate you to try harder, experiment quicker and think more critically concerning your role in Apprenda’s journey with new levels of accountability and responsibility.

Apprenda also offers simple differences that could make a big impact on your career and your home life. We house an office in Manhattan and one in beautiful Upstate New York.  When the rush of the city gets old, or the thrill of a new career challenge isn’t absent within you, Apprenda offers an alternative lifestyle for you and your family.

The perks of startup culture are plentiful here, but the biggest benefit that I have a unique perspective to observe is how in each department there is always room to lead, to manage more, and to grow.  There are no ceilings here.

No one in his or her job at Apprenda can look up to the next level and feel there is nowhere to grow. We are uniquely designed, and budgeted accordingly, to prevent that.

Tech companies can often afford to give you more by way of compensation and traditional benefits. And yes, as a start up, Apprenda has everything from catered lunches to kegs on tap to your favorite bar games. But we also prioritize YOU, with the promise of a culture that says:

  1. Our vacation policy to you is “Yes.” Take what you want, when you want, how you want. Your work you do here deserves such freedom.
  2. Your team members are as dedicated as you are, our leadership won’t have it any other way.
  3. When you’re working late, for days on in, it’s to the benefit of the stock options you are holding and the project you’re building from scratch.
  4. Apprenda is where you can split your time between family and 5th Avenue, should you choose to join us at headquarters Upstate.
  5. Apprenda knows its customers, and knows them well. We don’t deviate from our path and we aren’t experimenting with our future. It’s the perfect time to continue helping to build our innovation, not join a start up still rolling the dice.

Lastly, Apprenda is a place that puts you on the map, not just our platform.

In life, everyone gets to a point in their career when they make the right decisions to meet their personal desires and aspirations for their career. I know first-hand it isn’t an easy decision. So when you shake it up, join a place where you’ll be heard, where you can learn, and where humor and hard work collide.

If you remember those days, or are seeking a new challenge, or you’re looking up the ranks and have no where to go, think about sending in your unique job skills and desires to, or me (, because we keep it personal here at Apprenda and I’m happy to direct it to the right person.

Atos Apprenda Support