What’s In a Private PaaS Demo? [Infographic]

By Atos Apprenda Support


There is no better validation of a product than a customer using it. This is no different with PaaS technology- the most gratifying feedback you can receive is having a customer implement your technology across all lines of their business and application portfolio. After all, the best PaaS is one that is being used.  Enterprise deployments have been occurring at Apprenda for years now, with customers ranging from the world’s largest banks, Fortune 50 healthcare facilities and leading cancer research and treatment centers; it’s from these interactions that we’re able to draw upon and address directly what the needs are for massive enterprises and SME’s, alike.

Following our post earlier this week regarding the top things one should expect from a Private PaaS demo, we created the following infographic.  Pictures are worth a thousand words… or in this case, about 500. The information included below is a direct result of the interactions we’ve had with organizations of varying sizes over the past few years, and an excellent summary of what customers should be looking for in a private PaaS demo:



Atos Apprenda Support