How & Why Diebold Chose to be an Apprenda Private PaaS Customer

By Atos Apprenda Support

Leadership in the early private PaaS market is defined not by the debates among vendors and their respective philosophies on private cloud technology. Instead, market leaders are defined by their customers.  During a time when most in private PaaS have trouble articulating their value proposition on their own, we let our customers do it for us. Not too long ago, I wrote a post about AmerisourceBergen, Fortune #27 and healthcare services powerhouse, and their experience as an Apprenda customer. Apprenda helped AmerisourceBergen achieve ROI that was otherwise impossible.

One other company we’re proud to name as a customer is Diebold. Diebold, the world leader in ATM machines, is a publicly traded 17,000 person organization headquartered in Canton, Ohio.  Diebold posted $2.8 billion in revenue for 2011. Between size, regulatory environment, and industry, Diebold is a poster child private cloud profile.

Diebold recently selected Apprenda as a key vendor in their quest to define their cloud strategy. Apprenda forms a foundation for their next generation application portfolio; clearly, this sort of expectation is in our wheelhouse. When Diebold first approached us, we started learning about their goals, which is always exciting. What we learned next, however, was amazing. Balaji Devarasetty, Diebold’s Director of Cloud Services and someone I consider a leading practitioner in the world of enterprise cloud, shared that they had evaluated hundreds of vendors and technologies to find the best to fit their needs. Balaji and team used a very thoughtful framework for determining what capabilities were required, what value they should expect to extract from technologies they bring into Diebold IT, and how to go about whittling down a list of hundreds of vendors.

With respect to private PaaS, Diebold had some clear needs and criteria that stemmed from the desire to have a PaaS that was equally capable at providing a foundation for architecting next generation cloud services, as well as supporting legacy application portfolios. The criteria included:

  1. Security and regulatory control
  2. Strict governance standards within their IT environment
  3. Control and customization requirements
  4. Optimization of existing infrastructure investments
  5. Separation of infrastructure and application management
  6. Ease of resource sharing and throttling
  7. Multi-tenancy enablement
  8. Fast payback period on the ROI

Our teams responsibility was not to talk to these points, but to hands on demonstrate what we could do for Diebold. This criteria defined the lens that led Diebold to add Apprenda as a best-in class key component of its private cloud and PaaS strategy. The outcome for Diebold was that selected Apprenda since we could drive:

  1. Tremendous increases in developer productivity
  2. The ability to leverage existing code assets
  3. Significant reduction in risk when compared to public cloud
  4. Reduction in time to market for new and existing services

The value that Diebold derives from our platform helped separate us from the pack and helped Diebold achieve a high level of confidence not only in Apprenda, but in their own strategy. I think Kumar Pavithran, Diebold’s CTO, really captured the essence of their choice of using Apprenda: “Apprenda’s private PaaS for .NET gave us immediate momentum within the organization to achieve strategic business initiatives. Without Apprenda, we would find it extremely difficult to achieve our value, time and cost goals.”

At Apprenda, we’re proud to have customers like Diebold recognize the value of our technology and solidify our place as a market leader in the private platform as a service world.

If you want to learn more, feel free to download Apprenda’s Diebold Case Study.

Atos Apprenda Support