How to Use PowerShell to Call Apprenda’s REST API


By Atos Apprenda Support

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Windows PowerShell has quickly emerged as one of the most valuable tools for IT professionals. Its debugging tools, easy to understand syntax, and the ability to take advantage of any .NET library make it one of the most powerful integration and scripting tools out there. The fact that it allows you to accomplish tasks quickly ensures that many of the mistakes that happen with manual repetitive tasks are eliminated.

At Apprenda, we are big supporters of automation and accomplishing tasks quickly. In fact, we developed our new developer portal on top of our REST API, allowing any developer or operator to customize the experience of deploying and managing guest applications on the Apprenda Platform as a Service.

Developers can now take advantage of PowerShell’s ability to integrate with systems and tools, and use the Apprenda REST API to automate repetitive and error-prone tasks. Scripts like the one below can form the backbone of advanced automation with continuous integration (CI) tools and allow Apprenda to be integrated with any command-line tool or PowerShell cmdlet.


In the above script, I use my Apprenda login information to query all the applications that my development team has access to, and then I created a new application using the TimeCard archive. Think of this as an example reference implementation to get your feet wet with the Apprenda REST API.

Since this API backs our Developer Portal, you can find a fully functional experience in our REST documentation. The full documentation of our REST API is available here. The sample PowerShell script is also available on our public GitHub repository.

Note: Apprenda already publishes a command-line tool for developers called the Apprenda Cloud Shell (ACS). ACS works primarily against the Apprenda Developer Portal application to facilitate developer workflows, as well as open up the Developer Portal to automation and integration with external systems.


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