How Platform as a Service Makes M&A IT Integration Smoother

By Atos Apprenda Support

IT integration

During the first eight months of 2015, the global market has seen a massive $2.8 trillion worth of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The market continues to see M&A increases across all industry sectors.

One thing driving these M&A deals is companies looking to improve their technology. In fact, more than 50% of executives said acquiring technology was important to the company’s M&A strategy, based on a recent Deloitte M&A trends report.

During M&A, we generally see three types of key IT activities: data center consolidation, integrating systems, and moving users to one unified system. One way to help achieve data center consolidation due to M&A is Platform as a Service (PaaS). Here at Apprenda, we are focused on finding ways PaaS can help organizations accomplish these activities.

First, let’s ask this question: Have you come across any of the following scenarios during data center consolidation?

• Spent numerous hours in taking inventory of servers and network configuration
• Spent time in planning of data center consolidation and IT system integration
• Spent numerous hours in meetings with your customers explaining why there is no risk in moving applications from one data center to another
• Working to get new business from your existing customers but you need to perform a data center consolidation that does not negatively impact your relationship with the customer
• Worked 24 hours straight to troubleshoot a minor firewall change to make an application work after moving it to a new data center

If yes, PaaS can help alleviate the pain from M&A activities.

Some of the biggest challenges in M&A are seamless consolidation and realizing these benefits by reducing the infrastructure foot print or extending the use of additional capacity without a lot of effort. In addition to reducing the infrastructure foot print, companies have used the M&A as an opportunity to enhance the disaster recovery capability of the combined organization.

Data center consolidations are one of the most complex projects to execute even within a single organization. Adding another organization to the mix only adds another level of complexity to the project. The consolidation involves:

• Capturing the inventory of the applications and servers
• Network and firewall configurations
• Connectivity between the organization and partners
• Understanding business SLAs of the application and coming up with strategies to meet the SLAs

Organizations now have an opportunity to look at the M&A consolidation with a different lens using Apprenda. Apprenda’s platform enables organizations to stitch servers across multiple data centers and provide organizations a self-service cloud computing platform.

One path organizations can take during M&A is installing the Apprenda platform and move mission critical applications there. The platform enables organizations to deploy applications across data centers without any heavy lifting. For example, if Company A has acquired Company B, the Apprenda platform can be used to deploy Company B’s application in Company A’s data center without too much trouble.

By deploying applications to two data centers through Apprenda, the infrastructure layer is abstracted from the applications and the application is highly available. When the decision is made to close one of the data centers, Apprenda platform can be used to move the traffic to the consolidated data center and remove the servers from the old data center.

In addition to the above use case, the Apprenda platform supports other use cases such as using a single federated authentication system, the ability to make applications highly available, and scaling out with minimum effort. Our customers continue to see benefits by reducing the infrastructure footprint and delivering high-quality solutions rapidly by using Apprenda.

Atos Apprenda Support