How Apprenda Empowers Your IT Organization (Part 1)

By Atos Apprenda Support

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This is part 1 of the three-part blog series. Part 2 and part 3 are available to read as well.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is becoming an extremely hot topic these days and rightfully so. Organizations are learning that in order to stay relevant and profitable they need to innovate faster, bring new services to their customers and provide even more value than before. During this massive shift, software has become the competitive currency and developers are now the heroes making the transformation happen.

But there is another side to the story. While developers are building the latest and greatest applications, there is a team in charge of enabling these heroes — the IT organization. Imagine a company with the best application but no infrastructure to support it. Would you rely on financial software that did not go through the proper security audits? Would risk and compliance hand the developers a blank check over production infrastructure and/or data?

IT is stuck in the middle between agility, innovation, risk, and compliance and it seems like they are always trying to catch up. So how does IT stay relevant and reconcile requirements from all the different stakeholders? Let’s remember, IT processes are there for a reason — one cannot simply get rid of them. Apprenda has always understood this struggle and has taken the approach to PaaS in which our ultimate user, the developer, can build the best software possible with as little friction as possible but allowing IT to be an equally important part of the equation.

Apprenda provides IT with the ability to stay ahead of the curve but in a compliant way. It is ultimately IT’s role and responsibility to ensure applications are running in a secure fashion that do not increase risk for the organization and its end users. We have brought functionality front and center in the platform to ensure this happens.

Let’s Start with the Basics: Installation

The first interaction with the Apprenda PaaS comes during installation of the environment. The platform’s requirements are simple: hand us your Windows and Linux images and we will transform them into a self-service enterprise PaaS for your application deployments. This is a subtle but important topic that has removed initial friction when implementing a PaaS.

But what does it mean for your organization and why is it important?

Running on your images provides a wide arrange of benefits to your IT organization, but the most important aspect is that it reduces risk and increases confidence and comfort with the process. Our customers run Apprenda on the same OS block points that have been vetted by security, have patches applied, and special configurations that allow these systems to enter their internal network.

By using with your existing images, organizations:

  • Do not require a new team to manage and vet an operating system
  • Can build the systems for Apprenda using the same tools and processes currently used
  • Can still rely on their own security systems for protection (antivirus, firewalls, group policies, etc.)
  • Can be confident that any infrastructure- or framework-level requirement can be incorporated for any application deployments

Running on your OS images might sound like a trivial benefit, but it provides a level of comfort within our customers that Apprenda is there to integrate and augment their existing IT investments rather than replace it.

Throughout the next blog posts in this series I will continue to cover key Apprenda functionality that augments and transforms your existing IT teams and processes into a world class application delivery service. Look out for the next post soon!



Atos Apprenda Support