Happy 1st Birthday Kubernetes (Infographic)

By Atos Apprenda Support


Kubernetes went into general availability roughly a year ago and has since flourished into one of the most active and largest open source projects going today. Kubernetes is ranked 112 out of 1.5 million (0.01%) for the number of times it has been starred in GitHub. Using BigQuery, Felipe Hoffa even showed that Kubernetes had the most active GitHub community out of those 1.5 million projects as well. Kubernetes is #1 at one year old!

Stats via Felipe Hoffa

Stats via Felipe Hoffa

In recent articles in TechRepublic and Work-Bench, Matt Asay and Vipin Chamakkala have pondered the growth of Kubernetes and how it became so dominant in a young market. The reason is clear. The Hadoop model where a large technology company open sources a technology but doesn’t itself productize or create a commercially supported software allows many other vendors to profit and immediately creates an ecosystem. Google has used this business model several times before. In Android, the phone makers ultimately were in charge of productizing the operating system and often added differentiators. Android ended up keeping phone makers relevant and made billions in profit for Google and partners alike.

Bloomberg’s Jack Clark recently explained a similar strategy on the enterprise side with TensorFlow, one of Google’s artificial intelligence products. Google was using the technology internally for various products and open-sourced it, where it became the breakout leader in AI.

Hadoop led to the rise of three new companies, who in the five-to-seven years they have existed, have grown into behemoths with hundreds of millions in bookings, sustained double digit revenue growth, and billions in valuation. As the infographic below shows, Kubernetes has become the undisputed leader in distributed application orchestration. During the next five-to-seven years, the business growth will mimic that of the Hadoop market.

Check out the full infographic below to see how far Kubernetes has come in a year.


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