Enterprise Private PaaS Discussion with Dell (Podcast)

By Atos Apprenda Support

Stephen Spector, Cloud Evangelist from Dell published a recorded conversation with Sinclair Schuller (CEO at Apprenda) and Dan Turkenkopf (Product Manager at Apprenda).

Atos Apprenda Support

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  1. NancyMarch 21, 2012

    I believe IaaS will be more ncfebieial. Reason SaaS will have too much competition and competition brings lower prices for consumers, while IaaS under current trends of reducing OPEX/CAPEX as (power/space/servers) from SMB to even larger enterprises would really consider twice rather buying a HW or provisioning IT resources from a hybrid cloud offerings to host their applications/data for a certain duration. For companies as IBM, HP, Cisco and Dell may start offering their independent and stable cloud solutions directly from their own Data centers located globally for IaaS offerings.

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