The Deluge of Enterprise PaaS RFPs Indicates Market Maturity

By Atos Apprenda Support



Being the CEO of Apprenda has been a wild ride over the years and the job is exciting as ever. Apprenda has pushed the vision of enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) before it was even a term. As a result, we’ve seen the market grow from nothing to one where request for proposals (RFPs), a critical process for procurement, are now commonplace. The enterprise PaaS market is now moving from the early adopter to the early majority phase of the technology adoption lifecycle.

The following data helps me triangulate where we are as a market:

  • High Awareness by IT Management – It is rare that Apprenda talks to an organizations where senior IT and software development leaders haven’t heard of or don’t understand the role of enterprise PaaS. Prior to the end of 2013, Apprenda invested a lot of energy in educating organizations because, at that time, only a few bleeding edge innovators had any preexisting understanding of enterprise PaaS.
  • Creation of PaaS Strategy Teams – Before 2014, it was exceptionally rare that teams were created to drive enterprise PaaS strategy. In 2014, Apprenda found that a large number of Fortune 1000 organizations are now assigning individuals to be PaaS strategy leads. Many organizations have gone a step further and directed internal cloud strategy teams to incorporate PaaS. The creation of so many enterprise PaaS teams is a leading indicator that significant investments will be made in PaaS at these organizations.
  • Formalized Purchasing Structure – Most organizations have a specific workflow for procuring technology. Today, many organizations are requesting enterprise PaaS proof of concepts from Apprenda to drive formal technology evaluation. More importantly, organizations are now actively approaching enterprise PaaS vendors with RFPs. The RFP is crucial because it normalizes acquisitions of new technology to the standard that procurement expects. In 2012, no vendor received enterprise PaaS RFPs, yet now there is a deluge.

Tools like RFPs accelerate market development. Apprenda has learned much about customers’ enterprise PaaS needs through the RFPs we’ve received. Rather than keep these lessons for ourselves, we’ve decided to contribute back to the market.

We’ve synthesized information from multiple Fortune 1000 RFPs into a template that can provide the 88% of organizations exploring enterprise PaaS with their peers’ evaluation criteria and methodology.

Atos Apprenda Support