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Handicapping legacy IT players in the cloud

If you want a cogent — and hilarious — assessment of the state of cloud, take a look at Charles Fitzgerald’s latest blog post “A dispatch from cloud city — 2014 retrospective.” Fitzgerald, managing director of Platformonomics, a strategy consulting firm, has an incisive take on how legacy IT powers — Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and others are performing in what HP CEO Meg Whitman would probably call a “multi-year transformation.” Fitzgerald, formerly an exec at Microsoft and VMware, assigns each legacy vendor a “delusion factor” to indicate how its stated view of its position in cloud contrasts with reality. The whole post is worth reading, but here’s what I found most interesting…” Via Barb Darrow, GigaOM




Big Vendors ‘Must Move Much Faster’ on Cloud Features, Pricing Models, CIOs Say
Incumbent technology vendors, including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft have become better at supporting new cloud computing and analytics technology, but their payment and functionality options remain rooted in an earlier age, CIOs say. …Pressured by startups, big information-technology sellers are scrambling to offer cloud software, mobile applications and advanced data-analysis tools, the Wall Street Journal’s Shira Ovide noted Sunday. Although CIOs say they are encouraged that the vendors are engaging in the shift, they say the vendors are showing signs of growing pains along the way. …” Via Clint Boulton, WSJ

Health IT: How Developing Markets Can Trump US
A quick glance at the headlines might suggest to Americans that there’s no place like home for IT innovation in healthcare. Health-related IT venture funding hit $2.3 billion in the first half of 2014 and is on pace to double last year’s record level of investment. And it’s not just startups that are placing big bets. Samsung and Apple are among a growing number of established players now wading into the healthcare IT space with significant investments. … new entrants to the market are learning a lesson familiar to those of us who have been working to transform the industry from the inside: The US healthcare industry is still a terrible place to get new ideas off the ground. Most hospitals are paid by insurers and Medicaid/Medicare for the quantity of services they provide…This is a big problem for IT innovators as the discovery of more efficient ways to do things and the ability to automate more effective workflows is exactly the value proposition of IT. …” Via Leonard D’Avolio, InformationWeek


Verizon Reportedly Talking To AOL About Partnership Or Buyout

Telecom giant Verizon has reached out to AOL about a potential acquisition or joint venture, Bloomberg reports, citing anonymous sources. These individuals, who asked not to be named because the talks are supposed to be kept private, said that Big Red has yet to make a formal proposal to the shrunken media outfit. Spokespeople for Verizon and AOL declined to comment. The sources noted that Verizon is primarily interested in AOL’s programmatic advertising technology, which automatically buys and sells ads online. Verizon could potentially pair that product with a future online video service, according to Bloomberg.” Via Lauren Orsini, ReadWrite

Docker or Rocket for containers? Why not both?
As 2014 drew to a close, CoreOS launched a Rocket at Docker, challenging Docker’s process model as “fundamentally flawed.” While CoreOS founder Alex Polvi has since softened his stance, he’s sticking with his fundamental thesis that Docker is “no longer the ideal component for building systems.” The meteoric rise of containers is a recent phenomenon, so it’s easy to see why Polvi is aggressively staking a claim. As the container wars get started, however, the larger concern is whether back-and-forth sparring between vendors will end up scaring off enterprises from adopting container technology, at least until the dust settles. …” Via Matt Asay, InfoWorld

Deploying Complex Apps with Clocker, the Docker Cloud Maker
At DockerCon Europe, Cloudsoft’s Andrew Kennedy did a demo of Clocker the Docker cloud maker. …Clocker runs the Docker infrastructure. Each Docker host is managed by Clocker. It shows CPU utilization, memory usage and other information. There is also an auto scaling policy to make sure the user has head room to scale out and create more containers. If the developer starts to run out, Clocker will create a virtual machine, deploy Docker Engine and set it up. …” Via Alex Williams, The New Stack


Why You Can’t Ignore the Data Tier in Private PaaS

data tiers

It’s often a goal of enterprise software vendors to simplify the lives of their customers. After all, complexity is the source of enormous pain and friction in most enterprise environments. This is a fine goal, but too often, vendors make assumptions that simplify their life and pass complex issues on to the customer. Rather than eliminating the complexity, they simply ignore it. In the world of enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), how the platform handles your application’s database is a good illustration of this point. Most enterprise PaaS solutions conveniently leave the data tier out of scope or simply provide a broker to create a database as part of an app deployment. The database needs to be a first-class citizen throughout the lifecycle of the application because that’s the reality for enterprise developers. …” Via Rakesh Malhotra, Apprenda Blog

Apprenda and Piston Cloud Partner To Create Turnkey IaaS and PaaS Platform
“…Apprenda’s partnership with Piston builds upon a recent collaboration with Microsoft Azure that illustrates Apprenda’s strategy of teaming up with well known IaaS vendors as a means of gaining more market traction for its PaaS platform. Meanwhile, Piston customers may be surprised by its choice to partner with Apprenda given its close relationship with Cloud Foundry, but the collaboration clearly focuses on rendering Piston more available to Apprenda customers in contrast to prioritizing one PaaS platform over another. The partnership between Apprenda and Piston underscores the increasing co-implication of PaaS and IaaS within the cloud computing industry as PaaS players, in particular, attempt to seed their products on the infrastructures of IaaS vendors to enhance their market visibility and overall positioning.” Via Arnal Dayaratna, Cloud Computing Today


AWS adds multi-account support to control freak console

It’s a small thing but a useful one, and maybe a sign of increased maturity: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added multi-account support to its management console. There’s nothing brain-bending about the new feature, which allows admins to link different accounts so they can log in once and then work on multiple accounts by selecting them from a drop-down menu instead of having to log off and re-authenticate. That the tool is even necessary indicates a certain maturity. …With cloudy rivals like Microsoft and VMware boasting long experience of working with service providers and tools galore to help them serve customers, AWS will likely deliver more of this sort of thing before too much time passes.” Via Simon Sharwood, The Register

AWS Rates Highest on Cloud Reliability
The reliability goal for cloud vendors is “five nines” (99.999 percent). According to cloud outage figures for 2014, a handful of vendors achieved that goal while Amazon Web Services came the closest among the largest cloud providers. Performance results for 2014 reveal that cloud vendors are becoming more adept at scaling their offerings while maintaining generally high reliability and performance, observers said. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) registered the highest reliability over the past year with total downtime of just 2.41 hours across all regions as of Jan. 6, according to service tracker CloudHarmony. …” Via George Leopold, Enterprise Tech

Amazon Secretly Working on New Platform for Inventors
Amazon sells most of the name-brand electronics you can think of. Now, it appears, it wants to be the place where the next generation of gadget and consumer electronics companies can build their brands from the ground up. Over the last few months, the company has been hiring for a new venture with the goal of creating the “best end-to-end platform for startups.” In another job description, Amazon touts the venture as “a new platform with inventors.” …” Via Jason Del Ray, Re/Code


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