Differentiate Your Hosted Service Offering with the Microsoft Service Management Portal

By Atos Apprenda Support

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already familiar with the impressive set of Windows Azure related announcements from Microsoft last month.  Here at Apprenda, we were excited announce Apprenda Azure which enables enterprise customers to achieve pure application symmetry for .NET running either on premises with their existing Windows Server infrastructure or running on Windows Azure.

Today at WPC 2012 in Toronto, Microsoft unveiled the Service Management Portal with an initial focus on hosting service provider partners. The portal is a freely available and installable UX framework which enables a completely consistent user experience and API between private/hosted clouds and Windows Azure. Customers can now consume Windows Azure based services and services delivered on premises based on Windows Server/System Center in a common and extensible way (Apprenda is already integrated with System Center and is part of the System Center alliance). This capability fits very naturally into Apprenda’s private/public cloud symmetry value proposition. In our continuing commitment to provide a leading edge and best-of-breed solution for the entire Microsoft stack, today we’re also announcing that Apprenda is integrated with the Microsoft Service Management Portal.

Check it out:

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Initially, Microsoft will be enabling hosting service providers to offer websites, SQL Server databases and Virtual Machines through the Service Management Portal. Now you might ask, “Hey, doesn’t Microsoft itself offer these services directly through Windows Azure? Doesn’t this position Microsoft to compete with the very same hosting service providers that it hopes to enable?” This point is not lost on Microsoft or its partners.  By providing the Service Management Portal as a freely available technology and making it extensible, Microsoft is helping its hosting partners create differentiated offerings. If you believe (as we do) that the end state of cloud computing will be a hybrid mosaic of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS across public/private and hosted clouds, then this strategy makes perfect sense. The Service Management Portal provides a consistent service acquisition and consumption interface across this hybrid landscape which benefits customers and partners alike.

By integrating Apprenda’s private PaaS offering into the Service Management Portal, hosting service providers can snap our enterprise and ISV SaaS enablement capabilities seamlessly alongside their other offerings. Specifically, Apprenda enables hosting service providers to create differentiation by providing:

  • Support for multi-tier enterprise .NET business applications
  • SaaS enablement capabilities for ISVs

Apprenda accelerates development of cloud applications by enabling apps on our platform inherit sophisticated capabilities such as multi-tenancy, high availability and elasticity without change to existing code. This is a perfect complement to multi-tenant, highly available and elastic infrastructure that the world’s leading hosting service providers have been building and opens up a range of new markets and business opportunities. ISVs in particular are racing to port existing applications and create new applications delivered via SaaS. Hosting service providers running Apprenda can accelerate this process on behalf of those ISVs getting them to cloud and to market faster – that’s real value add.

We were invited by Microsoft to do a demo of the Apprenda Service Portal UX today during the Service Portal session at WPC. The feedback has already been tremendous so stay tuned for more exciting updates on this front!

Atos Apprenda Support