Custom Properties and the Deployment Mechanics of Applications on PaaS

By Atos Apprenda Support

A new feature that was introduced as part of the 4.0.2 release late last week allows Custom Property assignment for your application’s components to be specified within your application manifest. Custom Properties are extremely powerful and can be used to affect the deployment mechanics of application components running on the platform.

For instance consider an instance of the Apprenda platform where you would like all web sites requiring MVC4 to be deployed to a specific set of web nodes. You could configure those servers to have a MVC4 Custom Property and then configure the Web Component of your application to have that same Custom Property. By utilizing Application Deployment Policies you can then have the mapping of MVC support apply during the deployment of your application’s components.

Until now you had to apply the custom properties of your application components through the Developer Portal UI. As part of our commitment to improving the developer experience you can now automate this process by specifying the Custom Property mapping within your application manifest.


This is just one simple example illustrating the power you can get out of the combination of Custom Properties and Application Deployment Policies. The ability to customize the platform’s deployment mechanics is an extremely powerful utility.

Take a look at the 4.0.2 Release Notes for additional information on what was included in this point release.

Atos Apprenda Support