Join Us for ‘CoreOS and Cold Brews’ on April 21

By Atos Apprenda Support


Following our highly successful Kubernetes and Kraft Beer event last week, we wanted to keep facilitating conversations about container orchestration with fellow New York technologists. So we’ve invited our friends at CoreOS, makers of Linux for massive server deployments, to speak at a new meetup event on Thursday, April 21st called CoreOS and Cold Brews.

During the event, CoreOS engineer Quentin Machu will be presenting and demoing Clair, an open-source container image security analyzer that was recently launched by CoreOS for production workloads. Clair is a powerful and extensible tool that inspects container images for known security flaws and enables developers to build services that scan containers for security threats and vulnerabilities. This technology joins etcd, rkt, and other awesome CoreOS projects that are pushing many conversations in container community.

Outside of Quentin’s talk, much of the time at this event will dedicated to networking and discussing container ecosystems, Kubernetes, and more. Apprenda will provide copious amounts of free pizza and a wide selection of cold beer to all attendees.

We hope you can RSVP to the event and would love to see you at the Apprenda NYC offices on April 21. If you would like to be involved with the event or future Container Orchestration NYC events, please get in touch with me at “sean AT apprenda dot com” or connect on Twitter.


Atos Apprenda Support