Containerizing Line of Business Applications on Azure Stack

By Atos Apprenda Support

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The next generation of software-defined enterprises will need software like Apprenda and Azure Stack to become more agile and better equipped to respond to the needs of developers. This means faster application development, reduced costs, enhanced compliance and protection, and the ability to turn software and solutions into a revenue-generating business. We’ve partnered several times to provide enterprises with a turnkey Platform as a Service (PaaS) that transforms any infrastructure into a policy driven, hybrid-cloud application platform for Line of Business applications. 

Azure Stack is a cloud-ready platform, bringing proven innovation from the Microsoft Azure public cloud into your private data center, providing agility and productivity for application owners, flexibility and control for IT, and assurance that corporate assets are protected. It offers rich, self-service, multi-tenant services and experiences and a familiar portal experience that is consistent with Microsoft’s public cloud offering. Apprenda integrates with Azure Stack to deliver a single pane of glass experience for deploying, managing, and scaling applications. Apprenda helps extend Azure Stack’s capability to include support for a broader range of application components like n-tier .NET applications, Java and Docker workloads, Windows Services, and multi-tenant SaaS-based applications.

At its core, Azure Stack is using the brand new Azure Resource Manager (ARM), delivering consistency between resources in the public and private cloud. Think of ARM as the engine behind a model-based service template deployment of any artifact in Microsoft Azure or Azure Stack. This means if you can model it in ARM, you can reuse the same resource or deployment in both environments.

As a tenant of Azure Stack, you get a centralized view of all your private cloud resources. Apprenda enhances this experience and introduces valuable assets that are critical to managing enterprise Line of Business applications. Together, we’re helping enterprises maximize their existing IT investments, deliver a single experience for developers and IT pros, and reduce the friction associated with modern application development.

I have also recorded a video showcasing Apprenda and the technical preview build of Azure Stack, concentrating on:

  • Apprenda and Azure Stack working together in a single pane of glass experience: Through our Resource Provider for Apprenda, users of Azure Stack (developers and IT) will get a single-pane-of-glass experience for managing all their private data center assets like virtual machines, databases, websites, and applications. Apprenda will enhance Azure Stack with our unique policy and deployment capabilities as well as introduce several application capabilities that are not enabled in Azure Stack today.
  • How easy is it to take an existing .NET application and modernize it with Apprenda, enabling it to run inside a container : Apprenda can offer existing and future Microsoft Azure customers the ability to containerize existing applications for Azure and capability to migrate apps to any Azure environment starting now
  • How containerizing an application with Apprenda makes it ready for any cloud, private (Azure Stack) or public (Microsoft Azure) : Start using Apprenda for your applications and you will be ready for any Azure environment

Some of the enhancements Apprenda introduces to Azure Stack include:

  1. Support for containerizing and modernizing existing web-based and custom applications
  2. Deployment of fully managed multi-tenant applications with SaaS enablement capabilities
  3. Deployment of applications into Docker Containers
  4. Java applications deployed on Linux operating systems
  5. Applications backed by a Database As A Service running on an Oracle Database

At Apprenda, we continue to embrace, leverage, and enhance technology advancements in the private cloud. The combination of Azure Stack and Apprenda allows customers to consume private cloud resources and build applications on their terms and at their pace. Apprenda customers in the future will have a choice to execute their applications and deploy them inside a Windows Server Container, inside a Hyper-V Container, inside Service Fabric, inside a docker container, inside JBoss, inside Tomcat, using a Windows Service, or using our traditional .NET deployment (IIS-based ASP.NET websites or WCF services deployment). Apprenda and our policy engine will continue to provide value on top of any infrastructure technologies helping customers meet their business goals and transforming organizations into software companies. 

By containerizing applications with Apprenda, customers can acquire the benefits of platform application scaling, high availability, multi-tenancy, infrastructure independence, and efficiency for their existing .NET and Java applications while taking advantage of the bottomless capacity and pay-as-you go model of any Azure environment. Applications can now run on any Azure environment at a fraction of the cost.

Atos Apprenda Support