Containerize Existing and Cloud Native Apps with Apprenda + Oracle Cloud

By Atos Apprenda Support

Most enterprise customers are embracing a hybrid, multi-cloud future. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the Apprenda Cloud Platform runs well on as wide a variety of private and public cloud infrastructure as possible to support this customer goal.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working closely with the Oracle Cloud engineering team to integrate, test and deliver the Apprenda Cloud Platform on Oracle Cloud. We used Oracle’s enterprise class (and lightning fast!) infrastructure as a service offering to provide storage, compute and network resources across multiple availability zones for business continuity capabilities. The platform spans Linux and Windows servers including a multi-node Kubernetes cluster and provides operational controls to rapidly deploy a wide range of enterprise apps in containers. The Kubernetes cluster was created using the OSS Kismatic Enterprise Toolkit which also seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud.

We’ve worked with Oracle to bring this integrated solution to market and help customers get the most out of their Oracle Cloud investments. The combined solution extends the value of Oracle Cloud by enabling several new high value use cases:

    • Cloud enable existing/legacy applications by automatically making them highly available, elastic and containerized without code changes
  • Deep support for .NET and Windows-based applications including integration with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server for automatic deployments
  • Enable hybrid cloud use cases, including the ability to land containers in private/public clouds in a seamless fashion
  • Enable enterprise IT to create and offer a Kubernetes-enabled shared service to developers across business units
  • A single policy driven operational control plane for cloud native and existing applications
  • Provide developers with a self-service application/container deployment platform leveraging Oracle’s IaaS

The Apprenda Cloud Platform has always had industry-leading support for database as a service (DBaaS) capabilities with Oracle and we’re excited about this new wave of innovation and integration.

If you’d like to get a first-hand look, we’ve created a “jump start” here to get you rolling. This includes:

    • An introduction video of Apprenda on Oracle Cloud
  • A getting started video – Deploy your first application on Apprenda+Oracle
  • Full Step by Step Guide with sample applications covering a variety of technologies (.NET, Java, SQL Server, Oracle, Docker and Kubernetes)

Atos Apprenda Support