CODiE’s 2012 Best Cloud Platform Gets Better

By Atos Apprenda Support

Here at Apprenda, we are super excited to have won the 2012 CODiE Award: BEST CLOUD PLATFORM. Given the competition in the CLOUD PLATFORM Category, it’s quite an honor. We continue to be dedicated and passionate that Apprenda is the strongest, most feature-rich, most capable private cloud solution on the market today. I work with our customers every day, and I can tell you that they are leveraging things in the Apprenda platform that simply don’t exist in any other cloud platform technology.

I want to point out an overlooked detail about our CODiE win: it was for version 2.5 of the Apprenda platform. Version 2.5 was released in June 2011. We’ve since released major version 3.0 and we’re poised to release version 3.5 any day now. So – how have we made the BEST CLOUD PLATFORM even better? Read a few key points organized by audience:

For Developers:

  • In 3.0 we added the ability to include a deployment manifest file in your application archive. Using this manifest, you can instruct Apprenda on how to deploy your application – from how to provision your app’s URL, to how to isolate customer’s data, to the full definition of your app’s pricing. Include this manifest in your archive and you can push an application all the way through to production in a matter of seconds without even logging into the Apprenda Developer Portal.
  • Speaking of not logging into the Developer Portal – all application deployment mechanics can be executed using the Apprenda Command Shell. The command shell is exactly what it sounds like, a command line interface to the Apprenda developer portal service. Using the command shell, developers can package Visual Studio solutions, create Apprenda archives, deploy, publish, AND scale their individual app components.
  • We made all SaaS services, like authentication, authorization, multi-tenancy, and billing, optional platform services. This significantly broadened the types of apps that can be deployed on Apprenda. Want users to have to login before accessing your app but don’t want a multi-tenant data model? Choose the Authentication service and Apprenda will take of it.
  • Platform level pub/sub – that’s right, there is now a platform-wide pub/sub system layered on top of Apprenda’s service bus. This makes it very easy for developers to create rich application suites with cross app integration.

For IT Ops:

  • The ALL NEW System Operations Center – The operation center permits platform owners to conduct many operations governing the operation of the platform instance, and has been completely redone for this release, adding a variety of new features:
    • Event Log Search: Event logs can be searched for any time period, and using a variety of new options.
    • Enhanced Server View: More information about each server that participates in the instance and its designated role is visible on the Infrastructure page. If resource policy assignments are in use, memory and CPU utilization is shown.
    • Platform Registry: Advanced platform settings can be created and updated from a single user interface with type-ahead searching.
    • Repository Browser: All new file-system browsing permits viewing of the entire repository without needing to access the machine hosting the repository directly.
    • Applications Manager: The platform owner can control all aspects of the applications deployed onto it from a centralized interface.
  • With Apprenda 3.5 we are introducing a System Center 2012 Management Pack. For IT shops that utilize Microsoft’s System Center for application monitoring and response, the management pack provides several key features such as automatic discovery of Apprenda environments on your infrastructure, platform health monitoring, guest application health monitoring and performance metrics, and tools that speed incident mitigation.

This is only a fraction of the vast amount of features we’ve introduced to the Apprenda platform since version 2.5. So, if 2.5 is to be considered 2012’s BEST CLOUD PLATFORM, watch out, because Apprenda is taking the BEST and making it BETTER.

Atos Apprenda Support