Can a Partnership Make Your Solution Better?

By Atos Apprenda Support


Partnership announcements are pretty uneventful these days and can carry a short shelf life. So what shortens the value from years to days and sometimes minutes? Partnerships that are based only on a product release, joining a partner program, or a small integration that is tied to specific product versions.

But that doesn’t stop smaller companies from making announcements with bigger companies or bigger companies partnering with even bigger companies due to the sheer size and customer footprint. Partnerships are like spices. If you are going to use it once, there is no need to rush to your nearest wholesale shopping club and buy a jug. However, there are some spices you use every day or spices that are so unique that it can change the composition of the dish. Those are the ingredients you want in your spice rack. Just like spices, all vendors want partners that are going to either transform the product or solution. Those are the partners that have a long standing relationship.

Apprenda and Cisco have such a partnership. It has the foundation of a lasting relationship for three key reasons.

First, we have product synergies across multiple product groups including Metapod and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) that provide a complete end–to–end solution for enterprises to move to a new digital era. Our partnership is based on expanding the customer use case in the areas of secure PaaS, accelerating application time to market, digital transformation, and policy-based hybrid cloud.

Cisco ecosystem with Apprenda

Second, we provide a turnkey IaaS and PaaS solution that is designed to accelerate platform adoption, including a single support structure for customers who want to evaluate or deploy Apprenda running on Cisco Metapod. Nobody wants a ping pong approach to support where the ball is passed from one vendor to the next.

Last, Apprenda is now on the Cisco Global Price List. Essentially, Cisco can now resell Apprenda. This allows customers to buy Apprenda directly, from Cisco, or from partners. A customer can work with whoever makes them most comfortable, ensuring they can leverage relationships they’ve built in the Cisco partner network over the years. Apprenda and Cisco get to work together without sales or product friction. When you have a great partnership, the customer always benefits.

Short term partnerships are based on product integrations, joint collateral, and customer collaboration. The longest lasting partnerships are built on product integrations that extend product use cases, turnkey solutions with product support, and the removal of partner friction, ensuring customers are the primary beneficiaries.

To find more about Apprenda’s partnership with Cisco, I’d recommend registering for our upcoming customer webinar on Wednesday, February 10th, visiting our booth at the Partner Pavilion at Cisco Live Berlin on February 15th-19th, or getting the latest info at


Atos Apprenda Support