Building Kubernetes Communities One Event at a Time

By Atos Apprenda Support


Apprenda is no stranger to participating at Kubernetes community events, with representation at many Meetups throughout the United States and large sponsorships of the KubeCon conferences in both London and Seattle.

Continuing with that familiarity, last week Apprenda hosted its first standalone U.S.-based Kubernetes workshop event at Boston’s District Hall. More than 50 people attended, a great number for a standalone event taking place in the middle of the day. Those in attendance learned about Kubernetes and how it can transform a company’s ability to manage containers and expedite application development.

We had four speakers present at the event, each with his own specialty. Chris Gaun, Director of Strategy at Apprenda, initiated the talks by discussing the amazing community growth Kubernetes continues to see as well as the outstanding job growth in the community.

After Chris, KubeCon founder Joseph Jacks gave a wide-ranging overview of Kubernetes, including the history of how Kubernetes morphed out of Google’s Borg project and an explanation of powerful Kubernetes features. Then Red Hat principal software engineer Huamin Chen spoke about running Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure and some new features coming in Kubernetes 1.4. Finally, Apprenda engineer John “Gif” Giffin finished things off with a demo of minikube, which allows developers to run Kubernetes on their own computers versus in the cloud.

We view events like this as community building blocks and a chance to meet and learn from real users that want to use Kubernetes. These sort of events also tie in well with Kubernetes Meetups that are happening across the globe, where like-minded people can learn and collaborate. We also have numerous Apprenda employees acting as community advocates to help realize the vision of the CNCF Meetup groups, which are open and democratic.

In the near future, we plan to continue putting on Kubernetes workshops and learning events throughout the United States and Europe. Get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you’d like to work with us on any Kubernetes events and Meetups.

See more photos from our recent Boston event below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.55.58 PM

Atos Apprenda Support