Apprenda’s Hackathon Blog Series #2

By Atos Apprenda Support

We’re down to the final 20 or so hours of our 2013 hackathon. In these situations, the best way to figure out if projects are being worked on is by judging the noise level within the office. At the moment I write this, the only sound I hear are my fingers typing on the keyboard, and my CEO’s shoes tapping under his desk. He’s taken an interest in the Red Hot Chili Peppers over the past few days, so that’s to be expected.

This morning, a full office of developers conducted a stand-up meeting surrounded by the smell of coffee. This has been consumed heavily to overcome over-night programming sessions. And, amazingly, all of us at Apprenda are still here plugging away.  It’s been a lot of fun- several of us discovered a website last night allowing us to play DJ for one another while working. The recycling is filling up with a variety of empties and, like our homemade pancake breakfast, chicken wing lunch and sushi dinner yesterday, this morning we were welcomed by bagels and donuts.


28 hours into our session, in addition to having a really good time we’ve put good work into a list of projects. More detailed updates are sure to follow, but for now here’s a quick look into our status at the moment

Here’s a peek at some of the upcoming features that will optimize the developer portal being created within a Windows 8 Tablet application:

dev portal 1dev portal 2

It’s not all business at the hackathons- it’s equally important to find time for remote controlled helicopters and a few brews to both distract and fuel brainstorms down the line.

jacky helicopter mark helicopter




 You can follow from the beginning our hackathon progress by clicking here.




Atos Apprenda Support