Apprenda Private/Public Hybrid PaaS in Action – Video Demo

By Atos Apprenda Support

Back in June we announced Apprenda Azure as an enabling solution for customers asking for a symmetrical hybrid cloud solution for private and public cloud applications. Today I want to share a short video which demonstrates the power of this capability. Recently I’ve seen many great examples of public PaaS vendors showing portability of applications across a variety of public cloud providers. Apprenda is different because in addition to our best-in-class features for .NET developers, we are a completely portable software stack and provide all of the tools and features that you need as an IT organization to run our platform wherever you choose on your terms.

This demo walks you through how ridiculously easy Apprenda makes it to deploy, run and manage .NET applications on a combination own of your  private and public cloud infrastructure. You’ll see how Apprenda enables you to seamlessly move applications between these environments. While the demo focuses on Windows Azure as the public cloud provider, Apprenda runs on any provider capable of surfacing Windows Server instances. This means that you can just as easily create hybrid cloud environments with multiple cloud services providers including EC2, Rackspace, IBM or even multiple data centers within your own organization.

Atos Apprenda Support