Apprenda Playoff Beard Challenge

By Atos Apprenda Support

In honor of the aptly titled “Movember” month we find ourselves in, several able-faced employees here at Apprenda have decided to join in the greatest of all challenges: not shaving for the entire month. A mixture of insanity and pure dedication is certainly required, and those who answered this particular call to action easily fall into such a category.

beard 2 1

The rules are few and simple, and look something like this:

1: Clean shaven, or neatly groomed, on day 1
2: Let the facial hair go wild
          – Handlebar mustaches are also pretty sweet
3: No shaving until the end of the month
          However, allowed grooming techniques include: Shave neck to jawline, Shaved cheeks, Trimmed ‘stache, Beard tidying

You may say “That seems simple- any simpleton could meet these requirements,” and you know what? You’d be wrong. Some people just can’t grow facial hair.

All kidding aside, this contest came with a recommended entry fee, and all proceeds are going to be donated to benefit the Children’s Hospital at Albany Med. The previous link is full of different ways interested parties can help the cause, too.

As this contest continues on its way, we’ll be providing updates and photographs, so keep your eyes out and your trimmers ready.



Atos Apprenda Support