Apprenda Partners with Piston to Boost OpenStack Integration with Enterprise Platform as a Service

By Atos Apprenda Support


We’ve long been fans of OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing platform. OpenStack is maturing quickly and is ready for its moment to shine in the enterprise. And so, we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Piston Cloud Computing, the web-scale infrastructure orchestration and automation company that offers both Piston CloudOS and Piston OpenStack.

Together, Apprenda and Piston will deliver a tightly-integrated solution that enables agile software development teams to build Java and .NET cloud applications and microservices faster in a true hybrid cloud environment. With more enterprise developers turning to both PaaS and OpenStack solutions than ever before, it makes sense to deliver a powerful joint solution.

Piston’s software delivers compute, storage, networking, and management through self-service interfaces and APIs, while Apprenda offers an enterprise-grade PaaS that greatly speeds up app and microservices development. Essentially, Piston provides the infrastructure, while Apprenda provides a software layer that transforms that infrastructure into a policy-driven, hybrid cloud application platform.

“Apprenda’s integration with Piston allows developers to have policy-based access to OpenStack APIs to quickly manage infrastructure,” Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller said.

Additionally, Piston’s turn-key web-scale infrastructure solution enables Apprenda’s customers to deploy a hands-free, scalable, secure, and production-ready private cloud environment in a single day. Once you have set up an Apprenda and Piston environment, developers can quickly and easily build new (or modernize existing) on-premise applications for SaaS-based consumption. This flexibility allows for rapid updates to web software and scalable configurations that simplify the pre-cloud setup process.

“From day one, Piston set out to build a product that would eliminate the complexity associated with managing and deploying a traditional, on-premise environment,” Piston CEO Jim Morrisroe said. “And together with Apprenda, we provide customers additional freedom from datacenter complexity by delivering a scalable turn-key IaaS and PaaS solution, out of the box.”

For more information on what Apprenda and Piston can do for your business, visit the Apprenda and Piston integration page.

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  1. JainJanuary 4, 2016

    So what exactly does “an open framework” mean?

    Imagine if the auto industry had an “Open Automotive Foundation” that gave you access to all of the tools and secrets for building a car. And what if that foundation released an “Open Car Framework,” with the design templates, hardware specs and free software to build your own new car platform? Wouldn’t you choose to build a custom car with all the features you and your family need, instead of compromising and trying to make your needs fit into one of the new car models brought by the big manufacturers? With an open framework, we would be able to combine all the features and innovations we’ve been asking for from the big auto manufacturers for years. Personally, I don’t want to have to buy a minivan in order to have seven cup holders (I get thirsty, okay? Don’t judge me!) With access to all of the features that had previously been proprietary to specific manufacturers, wouldn’t everyone line up to start building his or her own innovative vehicle? Not so fast, my friend!

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