Apprenda and Microsoft: Better Together

By Atos Apprenda Support

After a watershed week in cloud computing, Microsoft launched 44 new Azure Services and also changes to Visual Studios, System Center, and Visual Studio Online (formerly Team Foundation Service) at their Build conference last week. The promise is now being realized of a software-defined IT department that is agile yet compliant with existing corporate policies. Apprenda’s Private PaaS integrates with the mentioned tools to help organizations achieve end-to-end management–from deploying virtual machines in a data center with System Center to brokering where applications land (Azure or in-house).

Organizations, for example, can use System Center to spin up more virtual machines in their data centers and Azure instances when set utilization thresholds have been exceeded. Those resources can then automatically be added to the Apprenda PaaS fabric to ensure uptime and quality of applications.

For more info on how Apprenda integrates with Visual Studio, System Center and Visual Studio Online, Michael Michael (Director of Product Management at Apprenda) recently recorded a video that highlights how Apprenda’s private PaaS software integrates with Microsoft cloud technologies:



Apprenda, coupled with with System Center, Azure, Visual Studio, and / or Visual Studio Online gives organizations ability to:

  • Monitor the health of all Apprenda components (developers, applications, and Azure / internal infrastructure)
  • Set alerts and create tickets for capacity thresholds, find configuration errors, and get troubleshooting diagnostics
  • Automate remediation of issues with the PaaS fabric using System Center Orchestrator automation and PowerShell
  • Provision Azure IaaS or Virtual Machine Manager virtual machines to expand the Apprenda PaaS capacity
  • Manage multiple Apprenda cloud grids
  • Understand how end-users are interacting with applications on the PaaS fabric during the day with Application Insights
  • Deploy, update, promote, archive, and more to the PaaS fabric in Visual Studio without ever leaving the developers favorite IDE


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