Apprenda Leads Enterprise PaaS Market in System Integrations

By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda has record traction in customer adoption led by its demonstration of seamless system integrations that are critical to the Global 2000. On the journey to cloud adoption, enterprises are choosing a PaaS where established infrastructure can be properly integrated with and leveraged, and accelerates how applications are developed and delivered in the cloud.

Apprenda, over any other third generation cloud application platform, can integrate into systems from IBM, Microsoft, CA Technologies, Oracle, PingIdentity, 10gen and more.


While Apprenda on its own provides critical services to guest applications such as authentication and authorization, many enterprises already employ technologies to handle these requirements across their app portfolios. Through integration, Apprenda can defer responsibility for these pluggable systems to existing enterprise technologies.

Integration is just one important element that enterprises need to consider when calculating the large ROI case for platform-as-a-service as they revolutionize both a new era for IT and application developers addition to this ease that Apprenda offers, we calculate millions of dollars in savings for major enterprises in areas like utilization, automation, managing SLAs and overall developer productivity.

Apprenda’s platform-as-a-service helps big businesses build and manage the critical, massive application portfolios that are vital to product offerings. Apprenda handles the most common programming models, both .NET and Java, that serve as the backbone for managing these sensitive data rich Windows and Linux applications that must reside on premise with the portability to run on any cloud infrastructure.

this-guyApprenda integrates seamlessly inside our existing customer deployments with systems like SiteMinder, PingFederate, Oracle Access Manager, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, Active Directory Federation Services and MongoDB.

Integrations are such an important part of cloud adoption. Apprenda empowers organizations to achieve significant cost savings and massive application improvements that result in better business. That’s really what you have to worry about. 

Atos Apprenda Support