Apprenda Joins the Open Container Initiative

By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda Open Container Initiative

We are happy to announce Apprenda has joined the Open Container Initiative (OCI), the organization committed to creating open industry standards around container formats and runtimes. The OCI has an important mission and as the industry’s most compatible enterprise Platform as a Service, we greatly support it.

Apprenda has long used containers to isolate and more efficiently run workloads in the enterprise. We also took this a step further in April when we added Docker support in Apprenda 6.0.

The OCI follows an open governance model that guides the project’s technical roadmap and all members of the OCI, including Apprenda, collaborate together to ensure the technical work aligns with the following values:

  • Composable: all tools for downloading, installing, and running containers should be well integrated, but independent and composable.
  • Portable: the runtime standard should be usable across different hardware, operating systems, and cloud environments.
  • Secure: isolation should be pluggable, and the cryptographic primitives for strong trust, image auditing, and application identity should be solid.
  • Decentralized: discovery of container images should be simple and facilitate a federated namespace and distributed retrieval.
  • Open: the format and runtime will be well specified and developed by a community to ensure code development leads specification development.
  • Minimalist: The OCI Specifications aim for simplicity, to ensure stability, optimize innovation, and encourage experimentation.
  • Backward compatible: OCI Specifications and OCI Projects strive to be as backward compatible as possible with prior releases.

The OCI’s values are in line with what Apprenda has said for years: the world’s top enterprises demand interoperability and do not want to be locked in to a single vendor. Apprenda’s OneCloud Alliance ensures both old and new technologies work together to provide an effective approach to cloud application delivery for the enterprise.

Questions about Apprenda and our involvement with OCI? Or want to know how Apprenda can help you secure containers in the enterprise? Let’s talk.

Atos Apprenda Support