Apprenda Integrates Apigee for API Management in PaaS

By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda and Apigee

API Management solutions allow enterprises and ISVs alike to integrate product functionality and data by publishing APIs for consumption in a regulated way, addressing business agility, scalability, and product innovation needs.

Apigee is one such solution that we, at Apprenda, have integrated with our Platform as a Service (PaaS) so we can help maximize the benefits provided by an innovative API management solution. Apigee brokers connections to the platform so customer apps deployed on Apprenda can be easily consumed by developers. All connections from end users to Apigee can take place over OAuth, or any other authorization protocol that Apigee supports, in order to provide end users a choice on how to authenticate and authorize when connecting to the platform.

Customers benefit from this joint solution in a couple of ways. They increase their DevOps ROI by running their applications on Apprenda and utilize Apigee for discovery and usage metrics of APIs running on Apprenda. This solution provides a roadmap for customers that allows for an agile DevOps process driven by business milestones, data analytics, and product usage.

Enterprises and ISVs no longer need to be hampered by data discovery and manual data/product control mechanisms. Working together, API management and PaaS can automate discovery and control and prevent tech from getting in the way of business drivers.

The Value of APIs

No DevOps-oriented organization today can have a conversation around custom software development without discussing the approaches to managing their APIs. Exposing APIs allow enterprise developers to reuse code and access data to inject into their application workflows. As a result, APIs can build integrations between two distinct systems that otherwise have no inherent knowledge of one another.

In online retail, for example, APIs are used to integrate the delivery service with the retailer to send you an alert that your package has arrived at your doorstep. APIs can be very powerful for consumer-based services, but what about other industries like health care and financial services?

There is no doubt that any enterprise could see the value in having their development teams being able to leverage existing information and functionality that already exists within their domain. One key benefit for leveraging an API portfolio in any industry would be if your enterprise were involved in one or more acquisitions. This could mean your company acquiring valuable data and systems that tie into other existing systems. Combing the strength of multiple API suites allows product and development teams to innovate in new and exciting ways.

The Need for a PaaS-API Management Integration

There is no doubt that an API management solution can be valuable to any DevOps process, which is why we are integrating with Apigee. The problem is that API Management in only part of the process; your DevOps workflow needs additional services and solutions to manage app deployments and connect apps to APIs in an agile way.

In order to accomplish “API conglomeration and consolidation,” a development group needs two vehicles to make the entire suite more cohesive: 1) A solution to manage and catalogue the API portfolio, and 2) A solution to broker the connection between a deployed production application and the APIs themselves.

Essentially, a PaaS that can proxy connections to an API management solution will deliver balance around control and exposure of your API suite. This combination allows product and development teams to innovate in new ways and can lean on a platform that garners faster API creation, publication, and consumption processes.

An API management solution and PaaS integration can accelerate innovation through delivering new products, growing revenue, creating powerful workflows, all while reducing development headaches and security risks. Ultimately, product managers, developers, IT administrators, and application users (often customers) will reap the benefits of an integrated platform.

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