How Apprenda Hosted a Hands-On Kubernetes Training with Katacoda

By Atos Apprenda Support


This is a repost of a blog by Ben Hall, founder of Ocelot Uproar and Katacoda, from the Katacoda blog.

Delivering a hands-on workshop is fraught with potential problems and reasons why the attendees could have a bad experience. A typical audience of passionate developers is expecting amazing content that is deep diving into the heart of the matter, allowing them to learn the most with the time available. The problem is that developers have configured their laptops in unique ways creating mysterious and unusual issues to diagnose.

Even with fully working laptops you are facing other problems such as Wi-Fi. A 2BG Docker image might be possible for a single user, but what about a group of 30 people on hotel Wi-Fi? The result is that half of the workshop is spent downloading images.

This is the situation Apprenda faced.

Apprenda is an enterprise Platform as a Service with a Kubernetes focus. They recently hosted a free afternoon of Kubernetes training in the beautiful Dorchester Hotel in London. The aim was to deliver a hands-on workshop to help developers and system administrators become familiar with the core concepts of Kubernetes.

With only an afternoon available, it’s possible to spend the time just configuring Kubernetes, let alone deploy anything. Joseph Jacks, the organizer, had an aim of attendees launching real applications on a full Kubernetes cluster so they could see the value and benefits. The question was, how. Enter Katacoda.

Joseph introduced Kubernetes with an excellent introduction presentation. During the hands-on part, participants used the Katacoda environments directly from their browsers, no matter if they were running Linux, OSX, or Windows. One attendee even completed the exercises just via their iPad. This would have been impossible without Katacoda. The workshop was a success.

So why is this important? Apprenda wanted users to see the value of Kubernetes, not the initial configuration. With Katacoda, they delivered on their goal of providing a hands-on workshop where everyone deployed an application to Kubernetes. The attendees’ time was appreciated, valued, and maximized with each of them taking away new skills and experiences.

Atos Apprenda Support