Apprenda Hackathon blog series #1

By Atos Apprenda Support

When work piles up, you work long hours, but when a whole team gets together and wants to advance innovation, these power work sessions, otherwise called hackathons are great. This is our third one. Even us upstate New Yorker’s know how to cram multiple projects into three days.

Here we are, nearly eight hours in and we’ve built some great specs and had a lot of fun. I can say enough how many of us Apprendans are still here, sticking out the next fews day of focused project execution and experimentation.

The current status is:

We’re building an Apprenda dev portal for Windows 8.  Some minor prototypes and UX design are taking shape:




We are also building a Powershell Provider for Apprenda, the early stages of this are blowing our minds:

Aside from all the project work and innovating, we strive to spend a lot of time together talking about Apprenda’s PaaS, where the market is heading and how we work together as a team.  The conversations range from pure genius to pure humor. Hackers started coming in at 6:30, our first photo below captures our UX designer who arrived today guns blazing! We followed that type of enthusiasm with a pancake breakfast, lots of collaboration and a fuel bar of snacks.


IMG_2424 IMG_2433



Atos Apprenda Support

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  1. MattFebruary 12, 2015

    JD – will have to check on that and get back to you. It’s been awhile since this particular hackathon, but if we’ve got the powershell work around somewhere I’ll try to find it.

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