How an Apprenda Customer Modernized 71 Apps in a Day (Infographic)

By Matt Ammerman


A few months ago, I wrote about an Apprenda customer, a “big four” auditing firm, that used Apprenda to move and modernize 71 apps in one day. Essentially, the company ran into issues when Microsoft Windows Server 2003 went end-of-life in July 2015 and left a large number the firm’s applications reliant on an expensive extended support contract from Microsoft.

Using our Platform as a Service (PaaS), the company migrated 71 internal-facing applications from a Dev environment to a QA environment in a single day. That’s effectively $100,000 in Windows Server 2003 support costs eliminated in one day. And since then we’ve done much more than that with the company.

To help tell this incredible story in a more concise and digestible way, Apprenda has created an infographic that breaks down the main points of the story. Check out the infographic below.



Matt Ammerman

Matt Ammerman is the Global Client CTO at Apprenda, the leading enterprise Platform as a Service. Matt's number one priority is Apprenda’s customers. He leads the team at Apprenda that is responsible for teaching and supporting enterprises through training programs and professional service packages so they can make the most out of their Apprenda-based PaaS and Kubernetes projects.

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