Apprenda’s Platform as a Service Available in the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace This Fall

By Atos Apprenda Support

apprenda and cisco

Today we’re excited to announce Apprenda’s leading enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) has been selected to be one of the first offerings available in the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace, a vibrant ecosystem coming this fall for creating cloud applications that can run on Intercloud. As a new Cisco Compatible Solution, we will enable our mutual customers to quickly evaluate Apprenda and see how we can empower their enterprise development teams.

Apprenda’s enterprise PaaS falls in line with Cisco’s mission to give enterprises access to next-generation cloud solutions that will enable their hybrid clouds. Our PaaS gives large organizations the ability to develop and deploy existing and new applications faster and at less cost. For years, we’ve helped enterprises cloud-enable and streamline the management of their .NET and Java applications, and now we’re bringing that expertise to Cisco Intercloud.

We want to do whatever we can to empower the growing Cisco developer ecosystem. Apprenda will support Cisco’s SDKs and APIs, and we will offer a fully integrated solution. Ideally, this will help enterprise developers and architects to realize their visions of how a software-defined enterprise should run.

To show our commitment to the Cisco development community, this morning my team and I presented at Cisco Live’s DevNet press tour to showcase how Apprenda and Cisco work better together. We were able to show a number of press and analysts how we take existing apps and enable them for the Cisco cloud. We also were able to show how we can help bring new cloud applications to the Marketplace.

Going forward, Apprenda will work toward becoming a member of the Cisco Solutions Partner Program and will add value to enterprise customers, along with Cisco’s 62,000+ global channel partner community. We will also continue to integrate with additional Cisco technologies, including ACI and Intercloud Fabric, and Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud. Additionally, Apprenda has an existing partnership with Piston, which Cisco has said it intends to acquire. Piston and Apprenda will complement the Cisco Intercloud strategy by bringing even more functionality to Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud.

Together, Apprenda and Cisco ACI will provide customers with myriad benefits that a PaaS and SDN offer, including application-level network isolation. Apprenda and Intercloud Fabric will provide a dual-pronged approach to tying public and private resources into a single, hybrid enterprise fabric. By continuing to provide additional functionality and APIs, the Apprenda and Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud integration will open up unprecedented OpenStack possibilities for developers to provision services beyond compute and memory.

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Atos Apprenda Support