Apprenda 6.0 Moves Enterprise PaaS Forward with Docker and WebSphere Support

By Atos Apprenda Support


We’re extremely excited today to announce Apprenda 6.0, the most versatile and powerful version of our Platform as a Service (PaaS) to date. This milestone release includes support for Docker containers, IBM’s WebSphere Application Server, OAuth2, and more features that the world’s largest businesses expect from a true Enterprise PaaS.

One of the most important and notable features in the 6.0 release is Docker support. Apprenda is the first PaaS to integrate Docker into a commercially supported PaaS product. For years, Apprenda has provided best-in-class compliance, governance and security capabilities for Java and .NET applications. With its 6.0 release, these capabilities immediately become applicable to Docker-based application deployments as well. Many Apprenda customers are evaluating and testing Docker, and Apprenda 6.0 gives them a safe path to enterprise adoption. (For more on our support for Docker, check out my blog post on how Apprenda 6.0 can accelerate your enterprise Docker strategy.)

In addition to Docker, Apprenda now supports applications built on IBM’s WebSphere Application Server and includes support for additional authentication protocols like OAuth2, enhancements to log management, improved support for JMX application monitoring, and much more.

All of the new features in Apprenda 6.0 further align with the vision of the Apprenda’s OneCloud Alliance, our partner program that highlights vendors committed to interoperability and lack of vendor lock-in for enterprise companies. The OneCloud Alliance includes top technology players including NetApp, Atos, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Oracle and HP.

The full roster of Apprenda 6.0 features is as follows:

  • Docker – Apprenda now integrates with Docker, one of the leading providers of container technology. Apprenda brings enterprise-class policy, governance and controls to Docker while still giving developers to the freedom to quickly build and deploy a wider range of applications than ever before on Apprenda, including Python, Ruby, and PHP apps.
  • WebSphere – Apprenda 6.0 supports IBM’s WebSphere Application Server, a vital part of application development in the world’s largest enterprises.
  • OAuth2 – Apprenda now integrates with third-party API management tools for authentication, including Apigee and CloudMine.
  • New Developer Features – The newest version of Apprenda offers enhanced application monitoring with JMX, tenant and user management, log management, and more.
  • Powerful Integrations – Apprenda’s integration ecosystem now includes connection points to NetApp, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, New Relic, and CloudMine.

For more information on our new release, please visit the Apprenda 6.0 landing page. If you’re interested in seeing 6.0 in action, please register for our upcoming webinar on June 3rd.

Questions or comments about 6.0? Let us know in the comments below or send us a note on our Contact page.

Atos Apprenda Support