Apprenda in 2015: New Customers, Big Partnerships, and More


By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda 2015

As a company matures, certain inflection points mark the start of unprecedented periods of growth. 2015 represents that sort of inflection year for Apprenda. We’ve excelled in nearly every quantifiable dimension and soft assessment of our performance when compared to any other year.


2014 was a banner year for increasing the diversity in our customer base. At the end of 2014, we were able to count Fortune 50 organizations from five different verticals as customers, arguably honoring us with the most successful group of customers of any PaaS vendor. In 2015, both existing and new customers voted with their dollars, resulting in a nearly 400% increase in bookings for Apprenda when compared with 2014. More importantly, we got to see our customers succeed. Customers who joined the Apprenda family in 2014 were full steam ahead moving their applications to Apprenda in 2015.


With dozens of partners in the technology and consulting world, our customers can have the confidence that their most strategic vendors support Apprenda. In 2015, we were excited to announce partnerships with Cisco and NetApp, and deepen our integrations with technologies from vendors like IBM UrbanCode, Apigee, Splunk, Jenkins, and others. Customers can now rely on Apprenda for best in class support for nearly every part of their tech stack.

We’ve learned from customers that being prescriptive about what technology they should use alongside our platform won’t lead to success. Our relentless quest to make sure Apprenda is compatible with as many existing and new technologies in our customers’ IT stack has lead us down the path of creating the easiest-to-adopt PaaS on the market.


Apprenda was founded in 2007. Over the years, we’ve hardened our platform to be the most production-ready cloud platform for the enterprise. In 2015, we made big strides in rounding out the platform’s support for existing applications.

Additionally, we took operational capabilities to new heights, adding features like fine-grained server maintenance controls. Seeing our platform continue to evolve in ways that continue to mark “industry firsts” is a testament to our R&D teams’ ability to deliver what our customers need both in practice today and for the future.

I’m thankful for all we were able to accomplish in 2015 and now looking forward to a successful 2016!

Atos Apprenda Support