Announcing Apprenda 4.0

By Atos Apprenda Support

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the latest version of our flagship PaaS solution – Apprenda 4.0

Apprenda has always been focused on building software that enables our customers to operate and offer their own PaaS on their own terms. This means that you can run our solution on the infrastructure or infrastructure provider of your choice.

While many public PaaS providers clamor to position (or re-position) their wares as “enterprise ready”, we’ve already been at this for while. We are among the first next-generation enterprise platform companies to incorporate direct feedback from real enterprise PaaS use cases into our offering. As a product guy, this feedback is gold. With PaaS, this is particularly true because the space is so new and customers themselves are discovering their requirements in real-time and as they go along.

You can think of this 4.0 release as the ‘productization’ of this feedback from our full-scale mission-critical enterprise deployments and the dozens of additional production pilots we’re currently engaged in. Here’s just a sample of what we’ve added:

Hybrid Cloud Capability – We believe hybrid is the end state for cloud computing. Apprenda 4.0 allows you to define multiple clouds including combinations of private/public/hosted and create policies to automatically deploy applications within or across these clouds. You can even “single click” move application components between clouds including between your on premise Windows Servers and Windows Azure.

Application Deployment Policies – PaaS means developers don’t need to worry about servers or other infrastructure. Enterprise IT departments want to control how these developers use infrastructure for governance, security, compliance, performance, cost and a host of other reasons. With Apprenda 4.0 application deployment policies, IT can define and automate how applications are assigned to infrastructure without ever exposing it to developers

Enhanced Cloud Application Patterns – PaaS isn’t just about deployment, it’s about writing cloud applications faster and better with less code. Apprenda 4.0 adds support for multi-tenant queues, it automatically re-configures apps as you move between dev/test and production and it supports Windows Services as part of your app. Being a best-of-breed Microsoft platform solution, we’ve added support for Windows Server 2012, SQL Sever 2012, the .NET framework 4.5 and even built a Visual Studio extension to let developers interact with Apprenda directly within their IDE.

Enterprise Authentication and Authorization Integration – Nearly every enterprise has a unique authentication and authorization scheme. Many are built on standard products like Site Minder or Active Directory but contain numerous customizations. Apprenda 4.0 seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise solution. With its extensible and “pluggable” driver architecture, it can even handle your specific implementation details in a completely multi-tenant fashion.

Paying the Enterprise “Tax” – Being a serious enterprise player means investing in features that aren’t necessarily the sexiest but are nonetheless critical. In Apprenda 4.0, we’ve improved and fully automated our platform deployment and upgrade capabilities. We’ve also made it easier to automate the “hot” addition/removal of resources in the Apprenda grid. This capability allows you to integrate Apprenda with your existing IaaS and monitoring tools.

This is a major milestone for Apprenda, our partners and most importantly, our customers. We’re not waiting for the enterprise to embrace PaaS, We’re bringing PaaS to the enterprise.

Atos Apprenda Support