ADVICE: What You Should Look For In An Application Platform – A Developer’s Perspective

By Atos Apprenda Support

In the same way that virtualization changed the way that the industry views infrastructure, application platforms like Apprenda aim to do the same for the way you think about application deployment and management. Regardless if you are looking for publishing to a public or private cloud you should expect certain things from the platform you run your applications on. So what should you look for in an application platform as a developer?

As a developer my ADVICE would consist of:

ACCESSIBLE – The platform must be easy to use and low friction to new development. The main thing here is that I don’t want the platform to get in the way of my daily development processes. For me the ability to easily port existing apps to the platform is secondary to the platform accelerating new projects.

DEPENDABLE – The platform must be resilient to failures, secure, and able to stand up to heavy loads. I need to know that the platform is going the handle the scale that I need.

VALUE – The platform should be more than a bit pusher. There should be APIs that will allow me to leverage the platform’s capabilities in order to save me time so I can get to the code that matters.

INTEGRATION – The platform needs to integrate well with the tools I use in my development. IDE, Continuous Integration tools, testing frameworks, etc. I want nightly builds of my application code automatically deployed to the platform and have our test suites run against the deployed app.

CONTROL – I should be able to deploy and manage my applications myself. If I have a new application to develop I want to be able to deploy, test, and publish that application without having to wait for procurement of infrastructure to get started.

EXTENSIBILITY – I would like the platform to be extensible so that I can customize it to fit our business needs.

See what I did there?


Atos Apprenda Support

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  1. AngelMay 4, 2012

    the problem with so many build oonpits going on (and where i think platform providers are missing the trick) is around the numerous identities and billing relationships you have. If you could centralise this via good IDM practices then the buy becomes attractive to end users too

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