Acceleration of Global PaaS Adoption

By Atos Apprenda Support

I recently returned from a two week trip to India spent training a team specially assembled with an eye to a large PaaS project for one of our US-based customers. We progressed through the standard Apprenda 101 training curriculum before occupying several days deep diving into all aspects of their project; this involved all the moving parts, their approaches and the expected outcomes. One thing that struck me during these sessions was the level of practical working knowledge and maturity the team has cultivated relative to cloud computing and Platform as a Service specifically. Implementing a PaaS was, in their words, “an obvious extension of what we already do.”

Historically, new technology adoptions start in the West and work their way into Pan-Asia through outsourcing in both development and IT realms. What I learned during my trip, however, is that there are certain markets in the East that have created an interesting technological leapfrog phenomenon.

Mobile is a relatively inexpensive way to establish and maintain contacts globally, so it’s really no surprise; additionally, it has the interesting side-effect of catalyzing adoption of back-end technologies that are designed to support modern application architectures that seed the mobile market. Huge markets, such as mobile in India, have triggered the rapid adoption of new server-side and cloud-based technologies, which in some cases means skipping pure virtualization or IaaS altogether and moving straight to PaaS. Interestingly, while I was writing this short post, a conversation developed on Twitter, and Apprenda’s Rakesh Malhotra wrote this:

It certainly seems that the world is recognizing an opportunity (and in some cases necessity) to accelerate the adoption of PaaS based on a variety of external motivating technologies, all of which may be dependent on a wide range of socio-economic factors. [History shows] that these inflection points are always interesting times for foundational technologies such as PaaS. History also shows that the technology that does the best job at helping accelerate adoption of catalyzing markets, by enabling both development and rapid consumption, is the one that comes out on top.


Atos Apprenda Support