The ABC’s of a Private PaaS Demo

By Atos Apprenda Support

Core customer use cases should be the focus of a private PaaS demo.

This sounds obvious, but too many demos focus on what the “demoer” thinks is cool, rather than what real life is like for the customer.wonka meme

The customer in private PaaS tends to be very large organizations (think north of a couple thousand employees). If you’re a small five-man shop in Oregon, you’re generally going to use a public PaaS. It’s unlikely the case you’re going to need a private PaaS. The reason is that, if you’re using a private PaaS, you’re big enough that you probably have multiple data centers, servers (and custom applications that you’ve built) numbering in the hundreds or even thousands—and, if you think of that use-case, what is it that you should be expecting of a private PaaS demo?

  • A) The basics of any PaaS should be satisfied: Can you deploy apps quickly? Can you scale them quickly? Can you evidence availability of those apps? Can you demonstrate in a way that is equally easy in both a small and large environment?
  • B) Can you demonstrate scale? Following the demo, can you say that you understand how you can manage an environment of 10k services with this PaaS fabric, you can see how 10k apps could live on this and you understand how you could manage it in a very broad way?

If you can’t demonstrate this in a private PaaS demo, it’s unlikely you’re looking at something that’s been in a production environment for private PaaS

From a demo perspective, this is a big deal. You need to establish a level on confidence at a practical level that mirrors customer case studies. It becomes very apparent, in a demo, if a technology doesn’t map well to a scaled deployment. This should, therefore, act as a big cautionary red light that the solution being offered isn’t the best one for your enterprise.

  • C) Does it provide any sophisticated advantage over standard PaaS value? By “standard PaaS value” I’m referring to things like deploy & scale. Are there additional services for things like SaaS commercialization? Can you take arbitrary apps, expose them to the public and commercialize that offering in a meaningful way? If you can’t do that, and you can’t see that in the demo, then you’re probably looking at a relatively unsophisticated PaaS offering that only performs the basics, and those are things that you can replicate with scripting. Using Chef or Puppet will achieve the exact same outcome.

These examples combine together in what I think should be expected of a good, cohesive private PaaS demo, and potential customers should demand this sort of demo of vendors. Say: “Show me, at-scale, what this would look like. What would it be like if I had 1k servers? Do you have a customer that’s running at least that many? Can you show me someone that’s doing that? How many apps are they running?

We’ve also created a separate infographic to illustrate the key points I’ve laid out above based on our experiences working with all of our enterprise customers. Should you want to have it on-hand to reference at a time of your choosing. Thanks for reading!


Atos Apprenda Support